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When things are done right I think we should welcome and above all , to express our gratitude to the promoter of the good work to contribute ( there are fewer developers, thanks government ) to the dissemination of scientific and technological culture among citizens. Do not expect to find a facility as CosmoCaixa in Alcobendas , fastfoods paradise place , car dealerships , malls and multiplexes . But if , CosmoCaixa is there. And may we apologize for alcobendinos irony, but it is.


We are very supportive of the banks , which we see as true loan sharks and scavengers in these times , but we see a little light on the horizon , an exception . La Caixa (we sponsor ) , and specifically its social and cultural work , in our humble opinion , is a global example of what a bank can bring good to the people. Nobody gives as a free lunch , we all know , and many may think that the bank’s strategy is simply a way to attract new customers and retain the ones they have , could be. Let’s think even a bank, do this exercise , but not a precedent .

Years ago we see in almost all Spanish cities that are capitals of provinces exhibition facilities of La Caixa . That’s a great way to get the people all sorts of topics, at street level . Who has not ever been in one of those shows ? They are very well made facilities and a very good criterion for selecting different themes suitable for all audiences . The last we had the opportunity to visit the exhibition was dedicated to magic in Gijon . Other banks do absolutely nothing in this regard and can do it and with areas of social and cultural work , but nothing. There are banks, like the blue and white is full of lyrics, which are dedicated to ” promote the development of technology and innovation culture ” and give millions to football. Ho long we were unable to do a simple operation on two offices of this entity because they ” had fallen the system ” (sic ) , and cashiers are the worst . We have milongas please sponsor the smurfs better.

But back to what we are concerned , the CosmoCaixa , not to be confused with the bucket ride El Prado in Madrid , that’s the CaixaForum which will be discussed in the future, is a real gem. We will describe what is actually for those who do not ye visited. The museum center , was designed by architects Esteve and Robert Terrades , occupies 7,000 square meters and is divided into four main areas: the temporary exhibitions , the permanent exhibition, the digital planetarium and a rock garden with samples from all points of the Iberian Peninsula . The building is divided into three floors connected by circular ramps around the exhibition spaces . The center currently has 12,000 m² on three floors, and of these , over 2,500 are occupied by the four exhibition halls.

Fundamentally , what is proposed is to have activities for all ages , among which are conferences , seminars, exhibitions, tours for family audiences and public astronomical observations , which help us to approach science in a fun way and with a great rigor . We emphasize the digital Planetarium , which uses one of the most modern projection systems , generating high quality images on a screen 3D hemispherical 10 meters in diameter , creating the feeling of being immersed in a dynamic universe and allowing us to see how it was heaven the past, or travel to the future and see how it will change the position of the stars . It’s a great place for the kids, you know, play and learn. The day we visited we saw a magnificent exhibition on wrecks and wrecks with their treasures .

Well you know , if one day you are in Madrid and we know what to do with the family , get close to Alcobendas that is one step towards Burgos central Madrid , next to The Moral , the home of ” chicken legs ” . The bikers are familiar with the road because there goes the circuit of Jarama . Enjoy it .

CosmoCaixa address:

C/ Pintor Velázquez, s/n
Alcobendas, Madrid
Tel.: 91 484 52 00
Fax: 91 484 52 25