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Human beings have many great skills, but one of them does not give life to another human being, unfortunately – or not, depending on who you want to return, we would not want this capacity had a neonazi, for example – . Joking aside and thinking on museums, we always had the concern to hear and learn the history of the mouth of his protagonists. For instance, to have the chance of listening to Velázquez explaining to us how he have painted ” Las Meninas ” by the same time we contemplate the picture in the Prado.

Obviously , we are imagining impossible. But it is also true that in this concern our knowledge to achieve affordable and fun for everyone, we have done extensive research in science and technology to approach something like “resurrect a historical character” to get the story from it . Until now, the closest thing to see and hear a character disappeared , it is the holography technic. Have heard and seen not long ago that Freddy Mercury sang a song to the audience at Wembley when years ago no longer with us. Was made by using holography.


We apply this technique in Navia Historical Gate Museum, where “brought to life” the Marquis de Casariego, a peasant from the late eighteenth century and the illustrious Mendez Cancio no less, the first governor of Florida. This technique, which is quite complex if we really look like a real person although we are talking beyond appearance , is a powerful way to get information, especially to children. Some are scared, but that’s because they have not been prepared beforehand warning them of what they will see. That ghostly halo seems romantic some others are scary. Anyway the atmosphere that is created around the holographic system tries to take charge ” to scare”.

We loved the idea of ​​using technology to recreate characters from the Star Wars when Princess Leia became 3D hologram projected by R2- D2 , Obi Wan and advising Skywalwer Like the threat was Dark Vader. That way there is no hologram, no way to create it. The hologram ever need a physical surface to be projected and thus able to be visualized . the support surface projection used as a kind of semi-transparent glass that will project the image from a projector that is not seen. There are companies now that have brought three-dimensional holograms that appear within http://www.realfiction.com/products/p/dreamoc-xl2/ glass prisms is very realistic but the disadvantage of size, too small to reproduce a person scale. Also we tried to steam projections, but air turbulence distort the image into something often unrecognizable.

When you see in the movies that appear three-dimensional images of nothing and that you manipulate with your hands directly for example, is a montage unreal, that does not exist yet, hopefully there and to apply to the contents of museums. If air atoms could become projection screens, then it would be possible to create a 3D holographic image without physical screen would open a huge field of possibilities not only for the museology but to all sciences.