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When we face the project of a small museums , museums of medium or small towns , we always have to fight against complex problems to solve. Some of these problems come from the making of the projects for small facilities, big museums or permanent exhibitions owned by large institutions, but in the case of small museums can not be resolved to hit book. Perhaps the most peculiar problem with which we have faced is when a municipality seeks to make a museum (already have the building built) but has nothing to show in it. Common sense just to say no to the project offer, in that case, we must flee sooner, leave that project back away . The reality is that we assume all challenges have or might have, we do not take out museums from the hat, I assure you, but is one of the most important challenges for professional – museology – museography – and that is why we love our job .

When faced with such a proposal  you may ask: what can we do in this case ? There are no items to display. This, incredibly, it has happened to us on several occasions. If a city mayor puts between his eyes that he wants to have a museum in his little town, a museum he will have, we assure you. In these cases you have to “require” to the city mayor that the team that will run the project is complete freedom of movement. There might well face a nearly impossible, we have to take up “recommendations” that people who know absolutely nothing. External opinions, no thanks. And it is a requirement of our fruit free or arrogance, is a requirement that you will save time and money with certainty.

A museum devoid of ” historical objects “, not being an art museum, you need a story to tell just like those museums that if the show – and do not in most cases , limited to show things – . Some say that a museum to display objects and if it is not a museum. What if what we do is to show replicas ? How Mendez Cancio brought corn to Asturias ? In an ark that no longer exists. If we know how it was why not show a replica to support the story of a important story? Trust in the replicas, facsimiles as we call them, justifiably supporting a good story to tell. Every town has a story to tell and you have to tell it well, as the people deserve. With a good story to tell can make a museum.

We are sure that you have seen in any museum facsimiles you’ve visited without realizing that it was replicas, reproductions. If replicas (saying they are) the accompany of a story using a multimedia system that solution if we add interactivity, we are going in the right direction. If all this we add an “atmosphere “, playing with light, sounds and even smells. With the use of special effects (FX) – sometimes using homemade solutions – the experience becomes more and more interesting. The problems, as the title of this post , is how to do it with small budgets, or rather, on tiny budgets. As with much imagination and with a team excellent knowledge and enthusiasm. We always engage in assembling the museum to suppliers from the same village. You can find excellent professionals in small communities and know incredible troubleshooting. We have never been disappointed when I have been involved in the project. There are solutions, of course, that we hire out , but sometimes the bulk of the assembly rests on the profile of local suppliers. It’s a great savings for the project and the logistics and movement can eat a big chunk of the budget. The facsimile is something to instruct great specialists and are not cheap, we assure you .

Since we started our business, we have reproduced all, not only the ark of Mendez Cancio. We exposed facsimiles of medieval swords, costumes Mason XI century , whales and sharks, prehistoric bows and arrows, carvings from Aztecs have even recreated a seastorm inside a lighthouse. If there is an idea, you can go for it. On the other hand, informing the public that they are seeing reproductions, being truthful in that we will have a great solution for small museums that do not have original because, today, professionals specialists dedicated to the noble art of play, make exact copies. Interestingly some of these professionals from the world of building ninots of “Valencia fallas”.