Are there museums that should be rated exclusively for over 18 years? Can we find museums it is advisable not to go with kids ? Should we be careful with what children can find in the museum without our previous knowledge? Today I have to write in first person, excuse me about that please . Reviewing my memoirs relating to museums, which are many, many years ago, have come to my mind at least disconcerting experiences relating to museums. I was very lucky to have a restless traveler father that gave me the chance, when I was a small kid, to fall in love with the museums to the point of having turned that love into a profesional career. Actually it is a passion to a profession that I hope to continue practicing it forever.

Note from the author: Speaking of under 18 in certain museums has nothing to do with the sculptures of nudes in photographs. Do not get me wrong please. I will explain why in below.


In museums I could walk inside by myself, agreeing a reasonable hour meeting at the museum entrance to see the place without rushing. On a visit to the Louvre, with about seven years old, I found myself face to face with a sculpture that left me in shock. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it was really shocking to me. The sculpture was beautiful , but … It was ” The hermaphrodite naked ” by the famous Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1620. It comes from the Borghese collection, being sold later to the Louvre – http://www.louvre.fr/en/oeuvre-notices/sleeping-hermaphroditos – . Well, I could not understand what it was: a woman with a penis. At that moment my father needed to explain to me what I was’nt able to understand. I had applied to one of the guards without any problem, but I spoke no French at all, neighter now. Almost just as well, you never know. The fact is that my physical and mental paralysis lasted for a long while, until my father casually appeared there and could answer all my questions, many with a convincing explanation and mainly discussed the measure of the ability of a child of seven years. There are people who wet mentally shocked with much less.

Being a couple years older and now having become an amateur  freshmen Indiana Jones, I turned to find something that left me shocked again, curiously in Paris one more time. This time what I saw was a huge collection of chastity panties of all shapes and sizes. No idea what that could be used, but if I know where they were placed, because the illustrations. I’m not going to bore you with more adventures, but I sincerely believe that we must be careful with certain types of information that can be difficult to understand for the child’s mind.

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To end today’s post, I remember the visit to a museum that I found in Santillana del Mar (Cantabria – Spain). It was the Museum of the Spanish Inquisition, something really creepy – http://www.santillanadelmarturismo.com/museo_inquisicion.php – . They showed all kinds of torture devices, each one wilder than the other. I remember I left with a broken heart for two things , evil artifacts themselves in the exhibit and because I saw children inside the showroom. I do not understand why people act like that with their own kids. Do we really need to know from an early age children how wild the human race is? Is it reasonable that a child visit Dachau or Mauthausen? From highly recommended visit, unfortunately, it must be just for adults, I think, but not even for children. If we want children to know about the holocoust less heavily, we can bring them to the Anna Frank’s museum in Amsterdam – http://www.annefrank.org -. That is the reflection that comes from memory and which is related to the experiences in museums, most of the time the desire for knowledge replaces morbid curiosity or what reality can not explain by itself .

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