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Getting into a museum and go with the whims of fate ( destiny, with its two meanings ) , it is not advisable from my point of view, especially if we go with kids – kids and teens -. If we visit the museum alone or with our couple, not as risky, though, you might look at other thinking: it really is enjoying the visit? If they’re kids will not need to look like that, as if we looked , because we let you know immediately that the visit is proving to be a real bummer.

All major world cities have museums. Some of these cities are tourist destinations star, places you can not miss. They have museums of all types and condition. The visit to the museum is directly related to the visit to a city, usually. Many of us when we travel, when we visit a city, we always go to museums. Traveling as a couple, and especially with the offspring, the thing is complicated enough. Nothing was done to please everyone also visit a museum is something that can be very tired, and it’s exhausting when discovered, and within that what shows we do not want anything really. Try to find a way to “look good” that can really worthwhile. This blog may help you choose visits to museums, adding some other points that could be of value to everyone. May we be useful.


It is essential that we reflect on our true interests before facing the visit to a museum. Are we really interested in all human and universal issues? Is there to see it all? Why this museum and not the other? Do visit all ? Do not visit any? What about children? We could begin by determining which is what attracts our interest : science, technology, art ( which is not worth all the spectrum, you have to choose category ), History, nature, etc.. Many museums are huge , impossible to see everything, they do not want to fall into a real surfeit of information and with the broken foot. Indeed, on the latter, the best shoes we’ve found for Camper places are kicking balls and, apparently also, MBT shoes (we’re not sponsored by them ).

Inevitably we have to schedule the visit in advance if you do not want to be victims of a riot. Go alone us away from danger. Today, Internet makes a big difference to us when looking for places and plan ahead. Sail by the museum offer is what concerns us here. If not we are convinced we can always resort to review the experience of others , read blogs for example. We like very much the forum “Lonely Planet” – http://www.foro.lonelyplanet.es/ – . Very important is to avoid the queues and if the trip is in summer especially, but this is obvious, but worth remembering. You lose a lot of time in queues resulting exasperating and disheartening. A long wait predisposes us very negatively to the visit and yes you are with kids we can prepare. Best buy tickets online beforehand , yes we know that ‘s what we want to visit , of course. There are free museums, the least payment other museums offer discounts , you have to look so good especially if we just budget.


Children can sleep with the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum of London

When we have decided that we will visit museums, or just one, you have to plan what you want to see in the museum. Everything? I do not recommend planning to see everything. Assign the museum an hour and a half, as two. If the museum is designed to be children friendly, then you can throw you a morning or an afternoon. If it is an adult visitor, what we say, 90 minutes is fine. That will force us to choose. If we go to the Louvre, for example, do not want to see everything because that is impossible. Visit “The Mona Lisa”, the Winged Victory of Samothrace “, will not be there until June 2014, and the” Codex Hammurabi ” may be sufficient given that we will go a long way to get from one to another and that road is full of beautiful things to see and stop to see them safe. We can choose another route, of course, or organize it by topic if you are going back to visit, but if it is a combined visit to other places, you have to choose what is essential and can be visited on those days , minute up or down. We recommend you also ye have acknowledged the land previously to stop the break. The museum cafes are very expensive and not very comfortable , as happens at airports. Eating is knowledge of the place too. Eating bad and expensive is a way to tease a trip.

Finally remark that we would catch up on everything that has taken time to visit and finally we were not interested at all. Now with the ability it gives us access to information quickly and easily, no excuse to avoid it.