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Although the traveler romantic hero appears to have disappeared, and geographical exploration is almost an ancient history , the travel-related adventures continue to fascinate us. And we do feel that attraction, even excite us stories related to exploration, we can not miss the Royal Geographic Society ( RGS ). The find in Kensington Gore, London – http://www.rgs.org – .

The RGS is one of the world ‘s most venerable institutions for those with wanderlust and adventurous spirit. Inside the institution you can see their rooms lined with wood paneling, exposed images of the legends and heroic stories of those men who sought glory and adventure. Sometimes with tragic results, especially in that romantic era of Victorian England where anyone with “moving butt” could be hitted from an arrow of a native from New Guinea, to say the least , it was quite an honor. The conquest of the mountains, mapping rivers in Africa and America, crossing the deserts , forests and oceans , was the goal of the members of society. Nothing that Google Earth offers today can compete with what is stored in your library of maps. A place where you can let your imagination to make a leap in time and watch as Captain Scott , with a cup of tea in hand , was telling a group of members of the Company, as would white face their next adventure ( and possibly the last ).


In RGS walls hang portraits of men ( we fear are mainly men in Victorian times women just out of the garden in spring and summer ) that inspired and continue to inspire dreamers and modern explorers , some of sofa . There they gathered to explain their adventures , with or without a cup of tea in hand , big as David Livingstone , Sir Richard Burton and of course , Captain Scott , among many others. The RGS has continued to grow to encourage us all that tradition, that of those who sought to prove themselves living on the edge , facing the vagaries of nature. There are other heroes of the RGS from here we’ve hardly heard her speak but they are very important as Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Pen Hadow , Robin Hanbury Tenison . The romantic adventure would end soon after, because the world we inhabit is becoming smaller. Now almost all missions are purely scientific , but the accumulation of knowledge is still a fundamental adventure to replace those currently listed above .


In these times , we fear that most of the members who direct the destinies of the RGS are bureaucrats without much charm, most of them serious and cold geography teachers, no intent to leave their comfortable offices. His inspiration is focused on data management and administration. Increasingly, members of the RGS expeditions away from large-scale field in the most remote areas of the world. But with regard to the building and its contents it seems that nothing has changed. Now, it seems, there is a group of adventurers fellows of the institution, with “Indiana Jones” style, which aim to revive the romantic spirit and return to the place they RGS rightful be the worldwide reference in all matters relating to the travel and adventure returning the romantic aura that now lacks.

If you visit these days do not fail to see the exhibition HIPA – Hamdan International Photography Award. You can enjoy some of the most beautiful travel photographs you ever saw .