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To refresh the “editorial line” of the latest posts, today we’re going to take care of very, very rare things and even some degree of crazy humor, why not? In the same way that sometimes people say: there is always something made for everyone, talking about museums, we can say that something similar happens museums. Museums come in every size and shape and, from our point of view , it also produces some uneasiness when faced with such man made bizarro . Has there been a responsible museographer behind each project? It is clear that nobody forces us to visit a site like the ones that we are going to list here, and maybe even less accompanied by children but, you know, curiosity killed the cat. Most know them by reference, may be virtual, some not, in any way the information is there if you want to do a little flight over the rare, very rare stuff.

<strong> THE 5 MOST RARE WORLD MUSEUMS : < / strong >

Sulabh International Museum WCs, New Delhi , India < / strong >
A museum makes history wof urine instruments and toilets recalling moments of relief. After all, the scatological related humor is not just a mater for five year old children. However, we can find important and interesting content on the historical study of the bathrooms, and the Museum of Sulabh is the right place if you have an interest in this matter ( ? ). The museum chronicles review the subjetc from more than 4,000 years of history and it shows toilets dating even the year 1145 BC. From the simple and practical potty or kitsch through innovative range of washbasins, bidets, urinals , etc. . Visiting it we will have a form of history of the human evolution. They themselves say that more than entertain and educate visitors, the museum , which is a branch of the nonprofit organization Sulabh International, draws attention to the real challenges of managing health services that have affected the world and continue challenging India and Indian culture .

Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday. Price : Free , but donations are accepted. http://www.sulabhtoiletmuseum.org/old


<strong> Phallus Museum in Iceland < / strong >
Something never seen … As a museum. If you are interested -as in this matter , you have found the most important institution to learn about the male sexual organ, described on its website as “probably the unique museum in the world to contain a collection of phallic specimens. ” No pornography, thankfully, but you can admire 276 penis, from the smallest penis of the hamster (two millimeters) to the colossal noble parts of a sperm whale ( 1.7 meters ). The museum received its first human penis from a man of 95 years old, was an Icelandic donor, earlier this year. Yes we are going to visit and see things that you can not miss: the lampshades ” bedside table ” made ​​from bull testicles, a tree trunk carved to resemble a phallus and penis bone “unusually large ” from a Canadian walrus (male ) especially gifted .


<strong> Museum and Burned Burnt Food < / strong >
” To learn to cook evil, the visit to this museum is a must – just always leave the pot on the fire … butt on and then take a long nap – ” . That is the motto of burnt food museum, which began operating in late 1980, when Deborah Henson- Conant left a cup of hot apple cider on the stove and got a veryyyyyyy long phone call. Today, the museum features exhibits such as the magnificent “kruncheronin burnt cheese ” and ” volcano style muffins .”


<strong> Museum Sickness Bags for the Aircraft < / strong >
One can tell a lot about the excellence of analyzing an airline vomit bags for discretionary use of their passengers. Some airsickness bags are just a bag with a twist tie, while others vomit bags could win international design competitions. Are they art? We think so ( ? ). You decide. ” The Museum of Air Sickness Bags The certainly gives us more than enough to study this fascinating subject , with 2,177 samples on display.


<strong> Bata Museum of Impossible Shoes < / strong >
Essential institution for women that does not care about Manolo Blanik and Jimmy Choo shoes. The strangest shoes feet move made ​​with human hair to shoes with heels made ​​with daggers. Anyway…


Nothing, I invite you to complete the list with any other weird museum that you have visited or what you have found rare, rare, very rare anywhere.