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It is curious the exercise that we make every day to choose the items will be converted in – your entrance to our blog. We can not help mulling over all, thinking about what we believe – rightly or not / you do you think – something interesting , simple and practical. The illusion of being useful, more or less, is a great motivation to write a blog, and when we receive your comments, we feel a great joy because we see that we have connected with you. Some of you give us clues, showing your interest, a guiding reference for choosing this subject or another, being sometimes complicated to us. One of our readers has shown interest in a topic that we will try to develop today: simplicity.

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Reflect first then, if you will permit us, on this concept that those who have studied design, which we have become professional designers, we have heard ad nauseam. We have had to work hard on the idea of simplicity to the point that it has become a tool of everyday reasoning , an instrument of thought that we use to make life better. Welcome to simplicity. In the field of design synthesis and what we usually call in life also know as common sense. In the field of design and training, it is difficult to convert it into something simple, which is essential in the exercise of industrial design, for instance. It seems obvious but it is very difficult to master simplicity. The art of less is more.



We believe it is an idea that not only can or should be applied to the work of the designer , but can relate to everything human . Moreover, we believe it should be a subject in schools since the domain of simplicity will make it more beautiful everything , dodging that reality increasingly complex, difficult to be explained to the small and complex for adults , of course . Many were those who tried to synthesize human behavior, aiming to make this world a better place for everyone, ” treat others as you would have them do unto you “.

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Simplicity has been the paradigm , the idea based on the work of genius we recognize as humanity, from Leonardo da Vinci – ” Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ” – until Albert Einstein – “If you can not explain to a six year old boy , is that neither you yourself understood ” ( and many other variations on the same idea) -. Steve Jobs, for us as the benchmark for simplicity is the key tool for design evolution (sorry lords Alessi ) , said : “Achieving simplicity is much more difficult to understand the complex ” -. Jobs was obsessed with simplicity. Often commented that their influence came from Winston Churchill Zen thinking said: ” I have not time to write a short letter, I have to write a long one “. Martin Luther King: ” I have a dream”. The examples of how important it is to simplify are numerous and are not going to transcribe all here now. We know it is an easy exercise because it requires ” the painful necessity of thinking ,” as Bertrand Russell said.


“The brutal simplicity of thought”, this slogan is a phrase coined by the Saatchi brothers, Maurice and Charles (more Maurice Charles than the other), who made ​​it as their creative mantra. We have appropriated the one day, we do not bother. In design school we were told that we had to synthesize the element until the penultimate step where we should stop and not continue. The last step was the one that made the item into something unrecognizable, or made ​​it impractical . All this way of understanding the mechanics of the work is very important, the lack of time, lack of a long time to stand and receive the information calmly , forcing us to simplify . Patience is sparse , we can not recreate in extending the idea. Only literature can afford that , take your time, and the consequence is that every time we read less. If we talk about the world of children , it is even more necessary. Their little minds even today bombarded with hundreds of messages, announcements, visual stimulation. Children develop mechanical simplification naturally to digest it all but do not know to use it to their advantage. Simplification becomes a way of survival. It surprised us that if we want to tell a story from start to finish capturing all your attention, we can not take more than five minutes to tell the tale. We stretch the lesson if we turn it into action. Today’s children are multimedia, interactivity required to assimilate information. Passivity , make -taxable, is a big mistake. The simple and teaches short story can be a great vehicle for teaching.



“It has taken me a lifetime to learn to draw like a child.” A Picasso is considered one of the greatest artists of all time. A key aspect of his legacy was his determination not to follow the footsteps of Rafael, instead, I dropped everything childish scrawl. That was his greatest challenge. Demonstrated the absolute beauty of simplicity, reduced to essentials, where the art form is online only .