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English are a strange people. What we call ” British phlegm ” has to do with your ability to unperturbed by anything, as you know. We can beat the head with a wooden beam in front of them, still screaming in pain, they will not move, but you will look without opening his mouth as if to say: next time you better watch out, dummy ( it has happened ). We’ve always treated as a small ” idiosyncratic limit ” unimportant, being something that the British, by being so, they have been good with the passage of time. That ” British phlegm ” what it did and does to the empire is maintained because the commonwealth has always been run by people like that, phlegm-drenched people that are not complicated but organized life of other. You can be calm, their Majesty.

In the culture itself, the English use that phlegm as yours to make things respond primarily practical, above any other assessment . We have always admired the practicality, why give many turns to things?, Why choose the path if there is one simple complicated ? Well, let’s look at how they have organized people seniors with cultural concerns, instruments for the preservation of their cultural heritage, and staff at no cost to much free time, do a great service to his country. We can say that is a treat foreign visitors to have a great curiosity about the historical heritage. A national organization of this lovely old ladies have called “National Trust” – http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ – .


Well, if you travel to England and you adentráis little road driving through the English countryside , either north, south, east or west , you will observe that there are a number of fantastic houses stately palace , with beautiful gardens and everything perfectly care . Yes, some are just like Brideshead. It is almost certain that the dream mansion that you have met around a curve impossible in a huge tractor oncoming , belongs to the National Trust. You can rest easy , a group of old ladies venerable British educadísimos eye are those who wear a green jersey , will be willing to show you around and tell you the story of that house. They handle your visit is an experience, in strict order of tour and ready for visitors to not leave anything out, do not go in a hurry. The heavy labor of care and maintenance of heritage, those requiring physical effort , make your children or your grandchildren. If you are lucky you can meet sweet treats ( not just salty master ) cooked by themselves because of these places will leave abroad for a store, we guarantee. England should be proud of this group of people who preserve their national heritage as huge careful attention. It is also a fantastic method to their elders feel useful, entertaining and are active.

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Can not recommend any special or differential site of the National Trust, all that shows is interested . Visiting any of those places you will make a journey through time . Not used the artifact H. G. Wells, but if you can be carried away by old people drivers that will make your visit an experience. For the first time you go , I recommend that you rent a car, and better not do it in London because driving in the city, reverse direction to ours, is a nightmare. London is also circulated payment. You have to practice slowly first friendly places , villages and industrial sites directly. Once mastered it to drive on the left , you can wander through the country roads ( careful , no gutter, just have holes every 500 meters) accidentally discovering wonders avoiding motorways. It’s a very nice way to travel around England.


From the food better not talk, unless it’s Sunday and you can eat ” Sunday roast ” at a rural pub name impossible, whenever you like meat or chicken. Forget the fish except the “fish and chips ” that enchants kids .