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Great films (or not so great) with great actors (or not so great ) have made their titles unforgettable by the hand of an emblematic scenario: museums. They are the cheapest places in the film production addressing not only the result at the box office. The relation between aesthetic spectacle offered by museums under the its relationship with budget, make them an unique movie sets. You only need to get the museum’s permission – which is not bad in terms of museum management depending on the case – and so have all spectacular scenery that we should not make or recreate using CGI. The only limitations that film people can find to shoot inside a museum, are those produced by the use of artificial light (bulbs very powerful) in scenes filmed at art museums. Production spending related to museums sometimes occurs by charging image copyrights of the institution, the rest are costs of moving equipment to the museum itself and the cost of insurance. Woody Allen is one of the filmmakers who has used the museums as the setting for his films, museums in New York mostly, of course, such as the Metropolitan and MOMA with memorable scenes (Manhattan).


There are titles that would come to nothing if is not for it museums scenes, such as the film “The Thomas Crown affair” in both versions (McQueen vs. Brosnan ). The Metropolitan Museum of New York – very photogenic we believe – is one of the “actors ” core of the film, where everything revolves around the theft of the painting “San Giorgio Maggiore” in the room of the Impressionists – http://www.metmuseum.org / – . The director of the film should explain to us how Crown gets a picture, folded with wooden frame included, inside his briefcase, and then remove it intact back in the house of Pierce Brosnan. We can find “The Metro” in a wide number of titles: “Hitch”,  “Perfect Murde “, “Factory Girl”, “When Harry Mets Sally”, “Wall Street”, “The Nanny Diaries”, and omnipresent television series as “Sex and the Cit ” , as well as the city of New York in a huge number of productions – http://onthesetofnewyork.com/top40locations.html


Clive Owen in “The International ” , literally destroys the Guggenheim Museum in New York to clean shot – http://www.guggenheim.org/ – . Those scenes stir us in the same way that when our good friend Bond destroys an Aston Martin , or almost. By the way , is a character who is also a regular museums like the National Gallery in London in ” Skyfall ” – http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/ – .


Much of the action of ” The Da Vinci Code ” takes place in the Louvre (or a recreation in September for certain shots ) , how many people have visited the Louvre to see the scenes where the action ? In the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg of the film ” Russian Ark ” . As a curiosity about this film , the camera moves through 33 rooms of the Hermitage Museum – http://www.hermitagemuseum.org/ – in a film 90 minutes without interruption , decision -longest in film history and the first feature film ever created without assembly .


Horror films are closely related to the museums . We like a lot ” The Relic ” shot in the Museum of Natural History in New York – we in New York – it’s a bit asquerosilla but very entertaining – http://www.amnh.org/ – . In this horror genre there are many books related to the topic. Who has not seen “The crimes of the Wax Museum ” of Vincent Price? ” The Mummy ” in 1959 , is one of the classic films where the British Museum is part of the action. In fact , the British Museum usually scheduled institution related films , such as ” The monsters weekend ” –


In the genre “little stupid movies” you can find titles like “Night at the Museu ” casting the ineffable Ben Stiller , or “Ghostbusters” with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd (one of these days we’ll talk about the relationship of ghosts with museums). The saga of Danny Ocean museums also been used as part of the action, although the Faberge egg was actually exposed in the British School of Rome Villa Borghese – http://www.bsr.ac.uk/ – , not a museum as such. Sometimes museums, depending on what movie talk , flatly refuse to give up their production plants and you have to recreate the scenarios. The new series of ” The Mummy Returns ” , infumable from our humble opinion , was the British Museum , once again , as part of the action but it was actually the facade of the London College ( nobody realized of change) . Also filmed in the Cairo Museum , this time without false scenarios . And there are many more …