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Increasingly, the times we see children engrossed playing with phones ( smartphones) from their daddies , many of them with yours, or birthday gift that kings were generous. There is a scene repeated with some frequency: parents with children at the restaurant table, children playing with smartphones. At home is the same, children with computers or with wii games, play, pallets, etc. ., daddies and mommis watching TV or doing whatever, each to their own. For us, this leads to a small proble: the child is phased abstraction or has disappeared


This a cat face

Abstraction ( dictionary) : Concentration of thought regardless of external reality . Mental construction without exact correspondence with reality.

In other words, the use of imagination to create custom universes .


We use the word “abstraction” when referring to the ability to create a fictional universe from a simple idea, an idea that originates from reality. The ability to use abstraction as personal universes generator, unique, is an intellectual tool that children could be losing gradually. From our point of view , is a very serious problem. The kids do not need to ” create” universes because prefabricated universes come to them effortlessly. The ability to abstract is kind enough to encourage creativity in people. When we say “he / she has a great imagination”, we mean that he / she has a great capacity for abstraction. There is an innate ability, is an ability that grows if you educate. It’s an ability that children will need in the future to get ahead. In the future – we believe and we believe – it will be essential to have imagination and the ability to speak at least four languages ​​(native , Spanish, German / Russian and Mandarin). Will future tools to access a job and be above the competition.

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This is the face of an angry cat

All reading is low, go back to the books. We must return to pencil and paper. More markers and less bytes. You will remember that we of our generation, we did not stop to build unreal worlds, some more than others, but almost all of us, really, we did, we had to. There was no other. We were required to put a face to Robinson Crusoe and build him his refuge on the island. We drew mentally the depths of the earth or the Nautilus Akab face was that we wanted to put him , but Gregory Peck to meddle in the process. We created stories featuring the Action Men or Barbies, and they were fantastic stories . Have a paper and a pencil was the beginning of something. Our kids do not look at the scenery when we travel because they seeing Sponge Bob embedded screen in front of them.

cazadores madelman 002

Take peper and crayons when you go out with the kids *. They are always on hand at home . Disappear phones and tablets, and have time to use them when they are older the piece, until they smoke . Unplug computers and TV. Buy picture book ‘s adventures always to them, the ones that we liked. Encourage yourself reading comics quality, the ” Prince Valiant ” by Harold Foster for example.


Everything has a limit

(*) We propose to play with your kids to a squiggle from, that you must “draw” in the notebook or on paper, the kids must “discover what is hidden in the doodle” (As I did with the cat). Try, they will be entertained a good time, everywhere, wherever you are, be a good exercise to enhance their capacity for abstraction. There are many other games that you can do with clay, for example, to play to visualize ideas in 3D. Do not fail to build sand castles with them in summer, and castles in the air in winter.