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I could not believe what I was watching on television that fatal day September 11, 2001. The first images were issued, reported by a famous Spanish reporter, seemed to belong to a movie trailer for an incredibly realistic disaster movie. There was a moment of mental emptiness because what I was seeing on TV did not match anything real to me. The brain refused to understand that horror was really happening. I was glued to the couch, not believe what I was seeing. Yes, these were the news, then had to be really happening. My brain immediately focused lads 127 floor of the North Tower, which attended the fast food restaurant of that plant, nearly all of them students, what were they doing for safety? They may not reach the ground because the tower was divided into two already. Remembered for a moment to the waiters of ” Windows on the World ” of plants 105 and 106, the restaurant bar had 73 employees, I came to the head without further data. Yes, I thought someone would know more of the hundreds of victims who surely would have occurred with the impact of the first plane into the North Tower center. Although when second plane hit the South Tower, the stream of thoughts that mixed with the feeling of anguish and horror multiplied to infinity. When people began to fall and I could not stop crying .


This is not to forget what a human being can do to another human being. It is that horrible day that will last in the memory of all, especially of those who come to New York, and even more, if you visit Ground Zero. This is to honor and remember the victims of September 11, National Heroes. The museum is built not only to remember, but also to publicize what was the World Trade Center to the post – born terrorist act, future generations, and also those who were not lucky enough to visit the towers before the attack. The second objective is to show, in the best way possible, what happened that day and how it happened. Finally, it seeks to explain what happened at Ground Zero on the day after the September 12, 2001, until today. These three objectives will form the contents of the Museum 9/11 to be opened in the spring of insurance 2014.Estamos for us, the museum professionals , will be a landmark in modern museology and museum.


We know that the museum is located in below the ground 0 of the North Tower – http://www.911memorial.org/museum – . To there has been moved already, what remains of the towers and had been previously stored in Hangar 17 at JFK airport, from the day when the smoke and the dust cleared up. Primarily twisted steel structures and a concrete walls. We imagine it will be a place to shrink the heart of visitants. Americans know very well how to “stir the conscience” and more if it is to honor their compatriots killed in the line of duty, to the Heroes of September 11: the firemen, the NYPD, medical personnel and, of cours , to all civilian casualties and the crew and passangers of the two planes used in the attack. Each and every one will have their space in the museum that will extend outward. In the huge gaps that have been left empty square towers were missing two sources – memorials built. In the low wall surrounding each source are written the names of all the victims. It is already a space for reflection, the sound of silence can be heard throughout the Zero Area.

110912083753_9-11 plaza

According to the project managers, the majority of underground space is surprisingly serene and spacious. Exposure purely historical, contained in the volume once occupied by the North Tower, will narrow and irregular, almost labyrinthine. Deliberately travel is difficult, with the idea to disturb the consciences of visitors. When turning a corner, for example, the visitor will be face down on the back of the truck 21 – ” Keep back 200 feet from the tower “, order a poster of the truck – you just find a old fire truck that has seen much action, rather suffered. You’re walking away a few steps in the gallery, to look back into the distance , is disclosed as a lost mechanical body. The cockpit, all upholstery and scorched metal, resembling a skull. Transitions like this will generate shocking moments, other times will be reassuring, other distressing and encouraging, always inspiring… Are feelings on which is built the memorial museum 9/11, and if teaching and ultimately produce positive feelings , because it will become a place that we can lose a watershed .


Author’s note:

We recommend you visit it first thing in the morning (from spring of 2014 , ie May). Those that you have not ever been to New York once abandon recommend Ground Zero, you address to the Battery (north) to which all within walking distance. You ask the station to Staten Island Ferry or look in the smartphone map, the ride it’s free. They are the most spectacular views of Manhattan on the return trip (after the ones seen from the River Cafe , walk the Brooklyn Bridge) and cheaper. You can see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It will, surely the best way to relieve the emotional stress you surely produce the visit to Ground Zero, they do not have the heart of cork. We always miss the two magnificent towers .