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For those who still have not been there but you may plan to go some day, we must say that Singapore is possibly the most comfortable door to get just to Southeast Asia. We believe that it is the right place if you want to go to China, mainly for reasons related to business. However, in one way or another, everything passes by Singapore. Small city -state inc. (disguised dictatorship?) made by five million souls very guarded, arguably the Asian Montecarlo. A strange place where strict laws have become a souvenir; country that is fumigated every day and where we can see – it depends on which way we look – how our cities will be in 2050. Having that skyline, I must say, it is possible if you hire dozens of low-cost Indian workers. The culinary filed there is spectacular, too bad you’re so far away. For children, in general, is an unfriendly place because too many hour flight to get there (if you do not live in Thailand or Malaysia) and the terrible weather does not help at all.


Singapore can be a very strange place itself

In relation to what we are dealing with here (usually), the museum section, I must say that Spore is a very, very interesting place. At this point, we should establish two categories that we will use in the future: museums built and living museums. In relation to museums built the offer is huge for a “so small” place, let’s see: Asian Civilisations Museum, Peranakan Museum, National Museum of Singapore (my favorite) – http://www.nationalmuseum.sg/NMSPortal/ – Singapore Art Museum (SAM), SAM 8Q, ArtScience Museum ( Marina Bay Sands), Baba House (National University of Singapore), The Battle Box , Fort Siloso (Sentosa), Fuk Tak Chi Museum, Images of Singapore (Sentosa), Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium (Sentosa), Mint Museum of Toys , NUS Museum (National University of Singapore), Nei Xue Tang Museum, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (National University of Singapore), Red Dot Design Museum, The Republic of Singapore Navy Museum, Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM), Singapore Coins and Notes Museum (SCNM), Sports Museum, The Intan Singapore and major institutions such as the Chinese Heritage Centre, etc., etc., etc. …



Culture Ministry Centre or the building with Pantone code windows

In relation to the “living museums”, and leaving aside the aquarium museum (we have seen acuariums bigger and nicer elsewhere), Singapore has a zoo, a botanical gardens and a place they call “night safari”. All three are different for one reason or another, difficult to see or find things like those in Europe or North America – Of course nothing can beat a photo safari in Africa, but … – . In the case of zoos, the animals usually find lethargic, bored and is pretty sad. In contrast, in the Singapore zoo – http://www.zoo.com.sg/ – there is unusual animal activity, carried out by its stars : the orangutans. We had never had occasion to see orangutans hyperactive until we went to the Singapore zoo: We have no idea what they feed them but watching them act may be suspect, they wont pass drug exams (just kidding). Its setting is enviable for any other zoo, as they really have managed to reproduce the habitat of the native species. The spacious grounds there call it the world’s most fantastic jungle (as they name themselves). They also make all kinds of animal exhibits (which seem quite happy to be there). What makes the difference in this country dwarf, is precisely the enormous amount of money invested in all that is undertaken and how cheap it become. It appears that the “modus operandi” there is that if you’re not going to do well, if you aspire to excellent, just do not do it. We think it ‘s fantastic because they make everything pleasant, starting with its fantastic hotels (pure pleasure); sorry to be a long journey for most kids.



Hyperactive orangutans

In relation to the Night Safari (Night Safari) – http://www.nightsafari.com.sg/ – say it’s a different experience. It is like visiting a zoo, but at night. You go to the zoo when the animals are sleeping ( ? ). Those like me, quite myopic, better not go because won’t see nothing or very little. The animals are usually sleeping and hide among the vegetation. You should go by the time it is just opened as it is when they feed. Worth so different from the experience as we say and because the fruit bats (dogs with wings) you will be able to play and touch them. Little more can be said about this place .



They are like dogs with wings to me

To finish the tour of the different, different than what we normally see on this side of the globe, especially recommend the Singapore Botanic Gardens – http://www.sbg.org.sg/ – . It’s a gem for lovers of orchids and other rare plant species. They have a great collection of carnivorous plants in action. Here it is the same as in the zoo, everything is much alive, lush full. As mentioned, it may be surely the largest collection of orchids that you can see in the world. If you are allergic to moisture, is not a recommended visit. If we ignore the climate, it is a nice place to rest quietly sitting in one of the many fields that are available to the public . On Sundays the botanical garden is filled with Singaporeans and their families who are having picnics there (BBQ not allowed). It is the most beautiful we have seen, although the grounds Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania are very close in beauty, especially if you visit them in autumn – http://longwoodgardens.org/



The variety of orquids is huge

To finish, note that if you go first cortéis not the time to try everything edible you can, the food is excellent and varied, as we told you before. The ideal place for lovers of everything spicy. there are two places that can not be missed: Newton Circle (seafood) and any other “hawker center”. The food in Little India is amazing, the air is hot there.


Dinner time it is always a feast there