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This is not the first time we “talk” in our blog about this system that plays a fictional reality to enable us to interact with it. We think it’s a fantastic solution, full of new possibilities and development requires not overly expensive. We believe that, over time, will become a great attraction for museums and exhibitions that complement them in a whole new way. Since then, the kids would have a great time “playing” with a fantasy, learning many things in a fun way.

Augmented realityIguanodon

Augmented reality ( AR ) is a new teaching experience

If you follow our blog you have already read the experience of National Geographic in a shopping mall in Budapest. Now we will show a new project that has been made in Bristol (not made by us) with the added – improvement that they have built sets, something that we think is very important to complement the experience. We show a new example that has been done in the Museum and Art Gallery Bristol – http://www.bristol.gov.uk/page/leisure-and-culture/bristol-museum-and-art-gallery – . The development is “simple “, I will explain myself. We need a big screen or video wall (better), yes we want the experience to be shared in mass and become something spectacular. Will place a “marker ” on the ground for people to be placed in the right place. We will preview the images produced – the reality that “there ” – and that will be that “interact ” with people as you can see in the attached video. Everything that happens, that combination of reality and fiction, it is finally possible with a camera that is aimed at people who are either on the scoreboard. Also we can do for small devices such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones. Will schedule our software and … ” Voila ” . A video is worth a thousand words :

We are now investigating the various augmented reality applications can have on the education of autistic children, what we have called the didactic interaction. There is a long way to go, but is a door that you have to cross to see where it leads. Like anything new , being a research development of new teaching solutions , which need investment, will have a misunderstanding of who has the money , you know, politicians. Let me complain a bit .


Augmented reality (AR) opens a new frontier for education of children with “problems” . 

We leave a link that takes you to the website of the exhibition of Amiens Cathedral for those who do not know it. It’s all in French, you know, French chauvinism, but we think it is worth you to try following the instructions. You can have an augmented reality experience at home, on your own computer. Hope you enjoy it, the kids will be entertained for a while with the experience, we assure you . http://www.amiens-cathedrale.fr/realite.html

We will continue writing about the evolution of this type of projects