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With great care , being nothing more and nothing less than the uniform of Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar (1805) , – of infamous memory for ours and our neighbors the French – preparing a new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum England – http://www.rmg.co.uk/national-maritime-museum/ of Greenwich (London) – . This museum is part of a whole complex with fantastic locations – Maritime Museum , Royal Observatory, Queen’s House and the Cutty Sark – . Also everything is placed within a huge garden park, and a very nice neighborhood to enjoy a day with children without such concerns: where to go ?, Where do take kids without getting bored learning? Obviously this information is valuable if you have not visited the place. To us, it is one of our favorite places in the world, no doubt.


We recommend you go to Greenwich in one of the tourist boats down the river from Westminster Pier . It’s a phenomenal journey in good weather (?) – http://www.thamesriverservices.co.uk/discount-boat-trips-greenwich.cfm

London is a fantastic city to go with kids. It has a first-rate museum offer possibly the largest in the world by far. For professionals in museum is the location par excellence when it comes to see the latest news , especially when it has to do with teaching. Being a huge metropolis, you can go with the kids no problem. Saving what you have to do with housing, which is expensive if you want to be around London downtown, or near to center, otherwise it is a destination not overly expensive if you go as a family. We recommend you to take a look at the offer of the “B&B’s”.


London has a huge range of leisure for everything a family needs to have fun learning

But back to what concerns us in today’s post, as we mentioned, Greenwich is a great place for everyone. At the Royal Observatory, for example – http://www.rmg.co.uk/royal-observatory/ – we love to place ourselves in the middle of the zero meridian, where one foot is placed in one and the other one later. All designed for children, and their parents, learn a lot of things. If you take the good weather is delightful. But the whole deal offered by the site , we have weakness for two must-see places: the Cutty Sark and the Maritime Museum, no doubt. We comment briefly offered each, thinking particularly of the family you go. Couples also a very nice site. From the observatory you can enjoy phenomenal views from Canary Wharf, the metropolitan area of London expansion, welcoming huge multinational headquarters. Also you can see from there the Millenium Dome.


Cutty Sark museum of rebuilt after the huge fire

When you come to Greenwich on the boat , the first thing you will see is the great clipper Cutty Sark – http://www.rmg.co.uk/cuttysark/ – was the world’s fastest clipper (built in 1869) dedicated to transportation of te and now has become a national treasure for the English. He suffered a devastating fire in 2007, a whole drama did not end until it was reopened by the Queen in April last year, much improved when it has to do with the curating. Currently displaying the exhibition: “Thames: river royal pomp and power”, a statement that only makes sense for “the Empire”, we believe (?). Yes, children and give the first signs of strain, as they run through the huge meadows you will find until they run at all. There is no danger, do not worry.


If you go on Sunday at Greenwich this is what you will find

The next step is usually to visit the observatory where should learn first of the activities offered every day – http://www.rmg.co.uk/whats-on/ – . almost all designed for children. If you are hungry, strolling through long, go to Greenwich little town, which is full of places to eat light or ” fast food” if you prefer. If more strength and desire, in the observatory is where the kids can start playing with history. It’s a very nice way that children – and adults – can learn as has been the evolution of human knowledge, in this case in the field of astronomy , playing. They also have a planetarium and a dark camera. Do not fail to make you a photo with one leg on each side of the meridian.


Nice little town next to the metropolis

And to finish the day, before re-boarding W1 way back, the Royal British Maritime Museum visit. No need to walk it all in one go because if you leave it to the end is going to be heavy especially for children. As in the case of the observatory, it is advisable that you previously get information about the planned activities designed for kids and to moms and daddies – http://www.rmg.co.uk/whats-on/ – . You have the choice exposures that think that everyone will like more and is more enjoyable. In the museum you can see from the Nelson’s uniform, the one he used to fight in the Battle of Trafalgar (we do not understand is that the jacket has two sleeves) to a phenomenal exhibition about pirates. From our professional perspective, is a didactic example of modern museum. We also have to say that the budget devoted to the assembly of the permanent exhibitions has been huge. This is common in all matters relating to British museology, do not skimp on investment, it is a paradise for museum professionals and, of course, for visitors who want to play with history, especially, in this case, with the British .


Views from the observatory