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Venus Endormie (breathing wax model), Spitzner collection Collec

Venus Dormida (modelo de cera que respira), Spitzner Collection, Université Paris Descartes

A few years ago, in the Natural History Museum of London, visitors could observe dozens , hundreds of species of insects of all kinds in the wing of the museum devoted to entomology . In large rooms were displayed in glass cabinets and woodwork by cabinetmakers in these windows, one by one insect stuck with a pin in the corresponding panel and label : Latin name and common name in each . The same could see the birds in their corresponding wing and fish and shellfish so too. Now if you visit the museum comprobaréis of these collections is barely recognizable . And the same has happened in the Museum of Natural History in Washington and New York Why those collections have been removed from view of the visiting public ? , Where have gone those big speakers ?


Museum of Natural History in WashingtonDC where specimens of stuffed birds , or rather naturalized as they like to call them are saved

The reasons for all these collections have disappeared from the public areas of the museum are due to three main reasons , according to our view and that is not only applicable to the museums of natural science : increasingly apply as museums didactic museum techniques that replace the old way of “showing” reality. There are collections that are badly damaged by the passage of time and no choice but to withdraw is because the cost of rehabilitation is too big. And the third reason is that there are museums that removed some pieces of exhibitors because their vision is not suitable for all audiences, or could be offensive to some or all sensitivities . In this category we include those decision parts are removed for reasons of space: new parts for its importance replace other less relevant arise .

OpŽration de la Cesarienne, (wax model of Caesarean section) Col

Another angle of the same photo that opens today’s post . Clearly, this exhibitor has withdrawn from the public area of the museum to not offend anyone , especially the children , if they are not accompanied by a guardian, and even with him / her, frighten almost certainly ( Spitzner collection Warehouse of Orfila Museum , Université Paris Descartes)

We may think of the new museum techniques conceptualized museums are bitter enemies that special romance that had the old museum on the way exhibiting their funds. Possibly, but let’s not forget that museums are institutions that not only show exhibits, but also entities that should teach , educate knowledge . View hundreds of insects pricked with a pin actually has nothing of teaching , it is better to observe and live in their natural environment. How do you get ? Well for that museums have become networked , museums that are complementary to the dissemination of knowledge . A museum of natural science can be connected to a zoo, and an archaeological museum with an archaeological tasting that can be accessed by the public. Are two examples of many other actions that replace an insect on a pin punch , you can believe me. However , there are still museums, increasingly , thus exposing yet , even using formalin jars to show whether human fetal specimens . We believe that children , by talking about the little ones, not only does not teach them but they will produce rejection or even more than a scare.


Some museums have real problems space store that is not shown to the public

We can not even imagine that as a result of these changes in the form of museological display content such as grow and grow endlessly museums to their basements and warehouses. In some cases, what saves or preserves out of sight of the public may provide content to two or three museums , or even more. Funds Museo del Prado or British Museum, Washington Aerospace Museum, London Imperial War Museum, have had to bring the collections to hangars and have had to build new museums . Hopefully , some very unique museums organize visits to their funds , unfortunately it is not the privilege of all as in many other things , sorry . Comment that there are more stores that look like the house of horrors by the nature of what saved any other reasonable thing to be saved – here we have included only two sample photos by selection to not to go with the rawness of the images – . There are also funds for its size has not been possible to introduce them to the facilities.


In the picture, the space suit with Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, is a treasure that Aerosespacial Washington Museum is saved very much to show in public, much blame has to follow full of lunar dust

Therefore, they are not always reasons of design and art museum bearing eliminate the entire collections to the public eye . It often happens that the object deteriorates easily and could not stand certain conditions. We see what has happened to the cave paintings of Altamira , a natural museum that can not be visited (yet) and that has required original paintings preserve designing and building a wonderful reply, Altamira, the neocave, in order to observe the work of the cave painters. There are many other cases such as , for example, vintage clothing including shoes , especially sensitive time for keeping high humidity, or objects that have already reached the hands of conservatives badly damaged museum as is the case of the first Stripes and stars had to endure a battle with fire included. There are five notebooks drawing Van Gogh and is kept in the museum of Amsterdam that will never be seen by the public eye. The same goes with sketches of Rembrandt , Vermeer , Dürer , Da Vinci , Michelangelo … In the last exhibition of the Mapfre Foundation did Paul Klee , had to attenuate the lights so they do not suffer the drawings that people crashed due to poor visibility .


Bark apple tree that dropped the apple that supposedly gave rise to the theory of the law of gravity, of course it is not exposed to the public

In upcoming posts I ‘ll talk about other curious objects “hidden” and will explain the reasons why they can not be shown , some of these reasons , sometimes they are truly ridiculous .