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Today , like yesterday we will open a series of posts about the most fascinating places as far as museums are concerned. Museums that have aroused a special interest in us, a time of wonder, of excitement caused by the beauty of the place and time lived. We are not referring to both the building and its location but their collections. Those museums that have been able to awaken vocations or have marked the beginning of a long road still hope left way to go. The truth is that they are many and varied, so we will have to make a selection on geographical criteria, places. Write several entries spaced in time, not to tire or jeopardize your interest , talking about a museum here , another there, but not abused. Today we will start by the country for us, now , the largest number of museums magical, very special, at least to us. And we do this tour also thinking in children.


We also like to do from here on a tribute to all those who have struggled and worked hard for us to live magical moments and learn so many things in museums

Yes, we do with children in mind today’s selection but also making use of memory and the good memories that have accumulated over time. Natural History Museum of London has always been a special place for many different reasons that we will not list because it would be a bummer. Those who follow this blog already know that we like to rage, but there is another perhaps more especially if it is for us. It is none other than the American Natural History in New York. We will open it our list of 5 very special museums and that we recommend you visit one day and, if friendly, even better.


For us it special wonderful dioramas reproducing both animal habitats worldwide, including fish and insects, as different races. The area dedicated to the Plains Indians of the American Northwest is very nice. The blue whale is in the center of the room dedicated to the ocean and by itself justifies a visit to the museum. For us, these are the milestones that differentiate it from London museum. In addition , we consider the visiting New York becomes more orderly and more interesting for children.


In a spectacular building on the edge of Central Park and a few minutes walk from the Guggenheim Foundation, is one of the most spectacular collections of world art. This is the type of museum you have to go in stages, not even think to think that you can see it in one day. Plus it can be an exhausting visit can make you miss important things. Not so much a museum for children although dozens of activities scheduled for them. Impressionist collection is fabulous . One of the world’s museums restless when organizing exhibitions.


Undoubtedly , one of the most spectacular museums of its kind worldwide. Has so much to show that they have had to open two more offices which are actually hangars. You can walk in a single visit can relax while enjoying the documentaries in 3D IMax . Sometimes even Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong are dropped by there to give a talk – get Neil ‘s autograph on a photo placing the flag on the moon , it would be a hoot -. Do not fail to take a look at the posters sold in the museum shop. Hasy also memorabilia to give and take .


Another of our weaknesses that comes from long ago when we read our stories by looking releíamos and especially the illustrations. Many of the illustrations in the books are within this fantastic building in Newport, one of the most beautiful areas in the U.S., especially in autumn. Another site that is a little ways away but worth visiting. What we usually do is to rent a car in New York and travel by road. There are plenty of sites to visit on the same route that can reach Maine, the state of the roaring sea and the dark cliffs.


The Museum of the Rockies , Montana. We give a good jump from coast to coast. We know, too far away from all but those who live there. But worth it. It is a museum of odd since it mixes a huge paleontological heritage – the state of Montana is one of the areas of the world with greater richness in fossils of all shapes and sizes -. We recommend that the check is made in the summer to coincide with Indian Pow Wows and a visit to Yellowstone national park, which is “very close” to there.


Montana, ” the state of the big sky ” is possibly one of the most beautiful states in the United States and around the world, has a spectacular nature and diversity 

Well, this is a summary of those museums that one way or another impacted us forever. We know that with the times , make these visits and especially with the kids is not easy. The trip to Montana is a pain because the combinations are not simple or even by plane , there are many hours of travel come from where you come . If you go by car from Seattle , for example , to know that in Montana there is no speed limit but all the traps on the road : animal crossing , rock falls , floods , test pilots testing prototypes to all nuts, etc. . In New York it will have much easier even if you go with children. Remember that there are several museums with fun activities for nanos and that will help you take a break and do something as a couple, for free .

Bon voyage and enjoy.