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EVEMuseografia1Photo: Sam Roth

We are leaving to United States going east, crossing the Pacific to leave behind the land of the Sleeping Sun. The country land of the Indians of the Plains is a huge territory, with an enormous number of museums to visit, notice to all visitors. Today, we will stop at 10 museums that seem to us most noteworthy, not so much for its architecture, but by their content, and not following a geographical order. Today, there is no space here for more, but we hope to go around the world several times with you, so we will come back for more. The museum’s selection we have made here responds fundamentally to museums that have had most influence to us professionally and because we have lots of great child regards about them.. Anyway our vision of things, with time and experience, it has become universal, so it is possible that you will agree on the preferences that made up the choices. Of course, we are open to suggestions and comments, of course, do not forget it. Having said all that, we are going to start our virtual field trip…

1. American Museum of Natural History / New York City

IMG_2567-big-blue-whaleThis magnificent museum, under our opinion, is the mother of all museums. Not named thus because it was of the first museums in the world to appear, but is the must-see Museum for all, especially for children from around the world. We were lucky to visit it for the first time when we were much more impressionable that now. It struck in such a way that marked our vocation to work in museum’s projects for life. Going through its halls is a gift to the senses, giving us an unffortable time pace to be transformed into a dazzling experience. A museum where the visitor’s feet pain disappear in seconds. A true gem of the museography for everything and for everyone. The dioramas are sublime, an exceptional work, some have a sack of years and nothing happens because still new. It also has the Rose Center for Earth and Space, with a fantastic planetarium known as Hayden center to watch the universe wonders. We will not insist, just only to advise you, whenever the weather permits it, when the visit will be over, you must cross the street to Central Park, choose a quiet place to lie down on the grass, and let you carry by the dreams that remind us that the world is a wonderful place that we have to take care of.

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art / Met / Nueva York

The_Gate_of_Nimrud_(Metropolitan_Museum)Another universally essential Museum. If you still have strong feeling legs, cross the Central Park spot where you’d been lied and then you will find this gigantic and superb Museum of Art, the Met. First stop to have a bite of a pretzel with mustard (as we did in High School) in on one of the hundreds of carts of NY great fast food. For those who do not know, we must say that it is best that you split up the visit in two days or more. There is much to see, a lot. Only the hall dedicated to the French Impressionists can make disappear as a blink of the eye few hours. We remain astonished in nihilo tempore in front of Degas dancer girl. It is also true that, invariably, is one of the recurring questions that your brain you will repeat incessantly: what the hell does this or that treasure here?, what the hell does this there? The eternal formulation of issues on matters relating to depredations British Museum model, because we really understand the reasons it has been made. We know any answer about these matters very well: “If treasures were not here, they would have lost forever or would be destroyed”… If you go with children do not fail to sign them for kid’s activities of the Museum while you visit it without worries or going here to there very slowly, you know…: Mommy, When are we going? Daddy, how long are we going to be here?…

3. National Air and Space Museum / Washington D.C.

National-Air-And-Space-Museum-21783In Washington DC, as you know that you’ve been there, there is a huge mall that begins at the Capitol and ends at the monument to Lincoln. As well, this green grass esplanade known as The Mall, it has concentrated on its flanks several fantastic and wonderful museums. Afterall, Washington DC is the host city of the Smithsonian Institution, organization which manages 19 major museums, being the largest in the world in its institutional category. Washington, DC, in addition, offers the visitor other “smaller” museums that are worth a look. From National Geographic Educational Center to the Museum of spies (Spy Museum) for the capital of the political dizzlings. For us the essential Museum, is the National Aerospace Museum. Of entry, we can touch a real lunar rock and from there everything is an achievement of wonders. It may be that condition to us our passion for outer space, but also noting the face of happiness of children and parents visitors, uncles and grandparents, checks that we are not the only ones lovers of this museum which in addition and if not were not enough, the Washington Museum has a lot of different locations spread across the country. Everything is a sea of attractions designed for kids and elders, less of the whispering, we leave it to the politicians capitolinos. Washington DC is a city for everyone, but having in mind that winter we will put a thousand frozen demons and the heat in summer is an oven (best in May-June and September-October) for you. There are many charter low cost flights to the US capital.

4. The Children´s Museum of Houston / Houston

Kidtropolis_exhibitUnited States can be a very contradictory country in a number of issues related to the manner in which society understands or manages its reality, not to mention how others manage themselves. But there is one thing we have to recognize: North American society loves children and takes this issue very seriously for almost everything. One way of verifying this children’s friendly way of life, is to visit one of these remarkable museums dedicated and designed exclusively for children. Walt Disney s World country can boast of having the best museums for kids just with very short exceptions around the world. They know perfectly well how to combine learning with playfulness and for us, the professionals of museums, it’s been a pleasure with healthy envy to see as these museums that deviate are constructed of it here is known as limited or almost meagre budgets for museography. We wanted to mention the Museum of children in Houston as one of the first in the world but there are many more. Without going too far, the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Philadelphia has a wonderful Museum for children, associated with science, and that it is simply fabulous. It was necessary to mention one and we have decided this.

5. El Holocaust Memorial Museum / Washington DC

HOLOCAUST0091366340412_image_1024wMemorial Museums like this one in Washington DC did not have to exist if the World would be a better place to develop love to all. Unfortunately there are bad people, and while still living people in this world who have any questions about h Horror, to the people do not know what The Holocaust means, what cause terrible heartbreaking damage and horror to another human being, are required to exist. As the Museum of Apartheid Johannesburg, this Museum in memory of The Holocaust, maintain the goodness of show the pain in History, thinking of those who have had nothing to do with him, and thinking that its protagonists, victims, almost all unfortunately already missing, do not keep living testimonies to be transmitted, they must remind forever now in these venerable institutions open to all audiences what can not happends any more. We have visited many of these institutions and we have visited places of horror, but we have to say that, this Memorial in Washington, has reached our heart by the shape that has show a reality that it would be better to forget forever.

6. Please Touch Museum / Filadelfia

Museum-teaserWe radically change the subject to go back to Philadelphia, Penn. In addition to the Franklin Institute, the city that was the capital of the United States, the broken bell one, has another museum, a child state of art place around world. If anyone has any doubt which means interactivity in museums do not have to visit this. For children it is a party and the parents are not left behind. Would have to clone it and build something here or there; our kids would appreciate us and much more.

7. Science Museum / Boston

museum-of-science-boston-united-states-896_4Another classic from the East coast which we must not miss. Another Museum mega-interactive, built for everyone, where didactics are a really superior experience. Boston, in addition, the city of Harvard University and MIT, is a curious place for the Westernized people, may possibly be a result of the (elitist) universality of the “In Veritas” University. It is true that is an institution that gives some scholarships, we do not discuss it, no way. The science is very present everywhere and may be that MIT has something to do with this. The BSM offers in addition dozens of activities that are renewed every little bit. There is a IMAX 3D and 4D movie cinema! spectacular!, as well as a fantastic planetarium also. In case  you will take a walk outside the museum, in the city of Ally MacBeal, you can find places to eat great food (Clam chouder). Watch out for the winter as in Washington DC. By combining the visit to Boston with the coast of New England and Maine, the displacement can be completed for happiness of all in a very nice field trip.

8. NASA Visitor’s Center / All around the country

070525_shuttleexperience_bcol_4p.grid-6x2First, a visit to Cape Canaveral – from where it took off the Gemini and Apollo missions among others – and then we get inside the NASA visitor’s center there; in Houston (we have a problem…) have another nice one. We recomend this place as very important to visit, we are fascinated by everything to do with the space but, above all, because the ability of the mankind  to show their ability when he pursues a dream team. That is the idea of our symbol in EVE. For this reason, we could not pass up the opportunity to recommend a visit to these wonderful visitor centres where NASA makes a real training deployment to the delight of all those fortunate enough to visit them. We recommend the Center J.F. Kennedy’s Cape Canaveral, which is very close to Orlando. Kennedy Space Center, as well as historic, in one of its silos have been took off the Apollo mission that managed to land for the first time in the history of mankind. Orlando also has a lot of wonderful fun sites: Walt Disney s World, Epcot Center, MGM Studios, Sea World, Wet and Wild, etc… Place to enjoy but if you have large money pockets.

9. Arsht Center / Miami

sergios15We will stay in Florida traveling towards the South of the State of oranges, to reach its capital: Miami. Florida is a place which we have a special affection, because we spent some of our college years there, specifically in Fort Lauderdale. We will not mention Spring Break because might be children reading this entry. Returning to what concerns us, we chose the Arsht Center and not so much as a museum, but because it is a cultural temple in all its forms as Art’s Temple, with the exception of the religious fact, which does not have anything in common. The architecture is an example of capitalist power which, although try to avoid the aura of the elitist class, is inevitable because these places in the United States have just being colonized by taking by fast growing fortune. There is some need to see themselves reflected in the European elites “way of life”, a waste of time and money. Not being so stringent, we must recognize that there are entry for those wanting to enjoy a great concert or a musical since the place is huge. It is not a museum to use but also it program exhibitions. Miami has a special color… Not to be avoid.

10. Children’s Creativity Museum / San Francisco / Frisco

Zeum_in_SFWe crossed the country from coast to coast and we go to SF, one of the most appropriate place to enjoy California: culture, cuisine, landscape, sites, etc… As we said at the beginning of this entry, United States has many things, many, its tourist resources are almost endless for the life of a mortal. Then value what gets our attention and what not, thinking of traveling with children, why not? So also, if we go with the kids to San Francisco, in one of these times, bring them to Silicon Valley and maybe sticking them something to turn the family to a very wealthy one inventing brand new software or ultimate apps. Black humor jokes aside, San Francisco is a must to be recommended and it has a museum that helps promote child creativity, even more, just a wonderful idea. So we wanted to put an end to the CCM, because they are the kind of institutions that are examples of what should be placed in all the countries around the world that have their first social needs covered. There are many activities developed by the Museum, focusing all the involvement of dads and moms with their kids, under the umbrella of everything very yankee flavour, but it could not be otherwise being there, right?

The coming week we will point the nose of the airplane to the North, we’ll go to Canada. With the wonderful landscapes country takes place a little more of the same as today, there is much of everything to be visited. Very difficult to choose ten museums, but we’re going to let go once again through the heart of experiences to see where we it carries to tell.

Happy weekend to all!