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Maritime-Museum-e1339665110339An exhibit is the product of an intense research and methodical analysis work, an exhaustive study of the educational objective, and all this with the help of an innovative design, will be transformed into a memorable project. The project must show to the public, in the field chosen for the exhibition, a didactic proposition that has a beginning and an end, i.e. to respond to a dash of content under the order of chronology. Other plot lines for the content type can be, especially in relation to art, since this last content also ya que este ultimo contenido tambien puede can be influenced by the exhibition space. and it will force us to meet an order by size, among other things. In Anyway, the project of an exhibition is the starting point for the design process. It is the culmination of the first stage of the work of an exhibition, the result of dialogue between the conservative and the designer, the result of the assessment, discussion and agreement between all the parties involved.

Life-and-Death-Pompeii-and-Herculaneum-600-x-271Any exhibit project, it can be different one to the other responding to the process of creation and planning development

The exhibition project design has several functions, the most important is define it the aim of the exhibition, the exhibition script generate. The second function of the project is the clarify ideas and produce firm proposals for the decision-making process of each and every one of the professionals involved in the project. This development is both the designer and curator of the exhibition. Theorists on the role of the conservative within the project of the exhibition say: to develop successful projects aimed at the designer (exhibit) must presuppose a good number of issues. First, an idea needed on the role of exhibitions in the Museum, which in essence It could be to help visitors to understand the language of the real world; Secondly, a clear idea of the roles of curator and designer to organize the exhibition; Thirdly, the staff of conservation that should be able to consider the purpose, content and text of an exhibition as a whole in advance to generate a script that must be presented to the designer in a way that this can visualize mentally.

Dress_Ad_2011_largeThere are many variables that must be taken into account in the process of creation of an exhibition, this key is the curator and designer get along

One of the concerns that appear at this point in the development of the process of creation of the exhibition game, is the time thing to invest in this work process. It is essential to create what we know as timming – another anglicism, but it is what there-, to have a date of completion of the project to shift to the work of promotion and advertising. Reflection in depth about the project before moving forward in the work of design and production of the exhibition is fundamental and serves to avoid misjudgments in weather that will consume the entire process, and serious budget offsets. All opinions and the professionals involved in the project of the exposure count, they are very important in this starting point. Ignore any of these opinions can generate frustration, resentment and demoralization in the team members affected by this lack of attention. It is true that there are problems that cannot be avoided in any process of creation of an exhibition. Normally there are always moments of disagreement between the conservative that responds as scholar and designer. The scholar and the creative aspects of exhibition usually do not get along too well; they always promise misunderstandings, and it is much worse when the scholar believes carry a designer inside and that, moreover, wants to show. The designer must have many left hand to keep the scholar in his field, there is interference, finally, and as it can happen easily, they affect the final quality of the exhibition design. Next entry will be surreal stories featuring scholars, normally professors of University (experience teaches the history).

communismErudition as imposition is the greatest enemy of the excellent design of an exhibition

Finally, we can summarize the creation process of the exhibition in the following list of actions:

1. an idea of exposure is identified and discussed informally between all parties involved.

2. after that discusion-conversacion, translate on paper the first ideas sketching exposure or draft of the proposed concept. The basic information shall comprise: provisional title; purpose; theme and content; intended public (the potential visitor and inflow forecast profile); dates (important to here have timming the entire process of development of the project); location, and possibly a first approximation on the costs and systems of funding.

3. is given to know the proposal between the parties interested and involved in the project to ask for their opinions (important not to allow anyone on the sidelines).

4. review of the proposal by the Advisory Board of the exhibitions of the Museum, the personnel responsible for immediate or address.

5. If the proposal is accepted, should be a feasibility study that will explore the proposal in depth.

6. Once accepted the feasibility study, is responsible for the outcome of the project.

7. when the project has exact opening date and have drafted project, must be put in the hands of the strategists of advertising to disseminate the proposal among the public. Here we include the realization of a site or minisite and diffusion in social networks strategy.science-world-ads-1Didactics for any kind of visitor profile is the fundamental basis in which it must be based any good exhibition project

This could be the summary of the basic process of creating an exhibition. Margins of variation of this process, normally, are produced by the personal profile (professional personality) of the participants in the project; the cohesion that you can enjoy working on it or not, work in equipment and the nature of the exhibition: art, science, history, biology, archaeology, paleontology, etc.