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This is a strange day: party was yesterday and tomorrow is the weekend. There is some confusion here around. This dismissal does not remove that we have failed to take the plane on time at San Francisco Airport, and we have moved to fly to Vancouver, Canada. Visit British Columbia is a gift for those who like to enjoy nature. It is a real spectacle for the senses when the weather permits it. Drive around roads and paths of curves, in the middle of the mountains, without crossing with no-one all day, overwhelms – especially if you suffer from a breakdown in the car-. Someone there told us that, if we spent enough time lost in the huge mountains, walking through them and surviving the looming grizzly, would end up reaching somewhere not yet seen or even depressed by the human. We would be the first, and we could baptize the place with our name. Therefore, if the occasion in which you can lose (for good) walking through the mountains of British Columbia and if, by accident, you find signs of wood in which read “EVE Pass” or “EVE Creek”, you will know the reason why.


But what has brought us to Canada is to know the most important museums, the new, more modern museological contributions. This is a strange day so if you allow it to us, and without that serve as precedence, we formulated the 10 that we consider notable, but without description. If we add the links if you want to visit your web pages. We hope to have made a fair selection. We leave you with the museums and we wish you a very happy weekend. See you guys next Monday.

1. Canadian Museum of History / Quebec


2. Museum of Antropology / Vancouver


3. Royal Ontario Museum / Toronto


4. Canadian Museum of Nature / Ottawa


5. Canadian Museum of Human Rights / Winnipeg


6. Canada National Gallery / Ottawa


7. Royal Alberta Museum / Edmonton


8. Bisophere Environment Museum / Montreal


9. Canadian War Museum / Ottawa


10. Alberta Art Museum / Edmonton