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tumblr_mp5khloBE01qg3iveo1_500Only warehouses of exhibited and preserved objects for research and enjoyment of visitors, are no longer come from the premise that we talk about museums. That premise is absolutely obsolete, or should be. There is a premise that we will always agree: museums and interpretation centres have to communicate, disseminate and report, in an enabled area for this purpose, in tune with emerging new technologies – all the technologies at our disposal. This latter premise is not taken often as we wish everyone, not just the museography professionals. Between museums wills of change can occur, but they are falling in wills. Us It seems unlikely that not firing at all the costs of implementation of modern interactivity in museums, these managers responsible not to assume the challenge of change to improve. Will they have fear of the unknown for them is truly a world unknown? Could it be that they have no idea what we’re talking about? Could it be that your ignorance on the subject is affecting visitors who expect much more than one Museum? And more, if we have paid an entry. Technological development is a current of common use which ever is more accelerated, and you have to evolve to the rhythm in which the first world society – makes it unfortunately-.

black_and_white_clouds_space_s_1080x960_artwallpaperhi.comA museum director insisted us that it not before we speak of phone applications, mobile phones and the museums. The good Lord had no sons or nephews – seemed to lack any particular environment – and when we ask to teach us your smartphone. The Lord put rare face and getting into the pocket of his impeccable American of tweed hand, pulled out a kind of potato with antennae. It was a model of minimum 10 years ago. Let’s see, there to make much effort to do a little exercise of abstraction and thinking that if we like the sausages to everyone you have to like hot dogs, isn’t it? No! Does not work so erudite Mr a museum director, owner a mobile phone which is a little potato with antennae. Keep the entendederas away from yourself, from time to time, to do social work, and a Museum is social work and not navel-gazing both. But we are turning off topic of today’s entrance.

watch-me-the-smart-watch-of-the-future-03-450x342We are surrounded by interactivity: ATMs, machines vending, mobile phones or smartphones, smarTV, pallets, interactive whiteboards, digital readers of books, etc. Changing society, museums must do so as well. The use of interactive museography machinery should no longer be an innovative element, is an essential element. Your success or effectiveness will depend on only a proper understanding of its didactic aim. -Touch – interactive use “artifacts”, are increasingly more complete, simple, intuitive, training for everyone, best and most spectacular. Interactive solutions are very good to complete many aspects of teaching in the museums and the contextualization of objects without taking up space. But there is more, much more. The latter is what we call the “classical interactivity”, with a very specific features of hardware and software. The evolution of l hardware is skyrocketing in relation, for example, to multi-user platforms. Touch we turn to the multi-touch, now with the use of both hands, the movements of the body, stereoscopy, enhanced virtual reality, augmented reality…

HCB_dev_standard_Hill_slapComp2_Establishing_v001_1400Smart objects have become to our field of work. They are intelligent devices that are permanently connected to the internet… Its software, a cloud, constantly adapts to changes in the users themselves. The first industry that has incorporated them into its products has been the automotive industry, which has learned that everything you are claims based on the technological advances available. Transferred to the Museum, we have arrived at control throughout a Museum from a single computer. Small museums that don’t have budget to guides have adopted this solution which allows the Museum to be displayed if same. We could coin denomination museography domotics to explain These advances applied to the restless museums with technological advancement. Even there are already specific software for museums that are client programs, i.e., which are already made and therefore are very economical. The cloud allows to cross data between users, on views of museums, cultural trips, offers, knowledge, etc. It is already very useful for all databases that practical for everyone to grow exponentially.

estimote-beacons-retail-app-GeoawesomenessMention, as not, the latest technology offered by Apple and that can be a very important advance, which always transfer to Museum use. It is what have been called iBeacons, a very discrete mini-balizas that stick to the wall and act as radar that send information to your mobile if pass close to one of these gadgets (which are also very cheap). They have a radius of acquisition of up to 10 meters. You only have to download the app from the corresponding Museum – we do not believe that there is no Museum in the world that still has this technology but it is our duty to inform you – and marks placed on each area will send you timely information and content that you need if you have activated the app from the Museum, and by bluetooth you will reach data, it does lack Wi-Fi. Within a few months it will be commonplace, certainly applied to the trade, we do not believe that you for the museums that are almost always very slow reaction. And what about the famous Google Glasses? Are they afraid about somethig?

dreamoc_01In summary and conclusion, is no longer reaching new audiences, but offer the reality with communication systems that the public handles on a daily basis. It is also true that the public asks news; an open for example, the more open interaction is better. Implement this total interactivity in museography projects would be simple if you know who decides for new tools – toys as some say that have vacuum-, not so much Museum we only wish to achieve the best solutions for everyone. Everything should be directed to adaptation that our world is facing massive technological changes that are appearing and they will be here five years, which is much longer.