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fzf-raum-2fRenewal is not related to the expense system is related more with the ideas, yes, you have to risk a little / Photo: File EVE

The alma mater of the local museum’s permanent exhibition, but it should provide their daily bread with butter, as would the Anglo-Saxons, their food continuous visitors are temporary exhibitions. The difference between permanent and temporary exhibition can be only caveat: the local museum displays the human environment the natural environment, or the historical environment of the municipality or county. The value of the temporary exhibitions is renovating, continuous change, time to rethink issues stored in the drawer as well as being a way to attract new audiences.

tumblr_macfllHoPc1qab7plo1_500The large-format photography is a very cheap source of renewal of the museum / photo space: EVE Archive

However, from our point of view, the best possible exposure for a local museum is the permanent flux. Is one who struggles with dreaded phrase: I have already seen. We know that changes require investment and are not cheap, that’s the basic problem of a local museum. The strategy should be aimed at us worry permanent rooms and gradually make small changes, we can use these to renew permanent storefronts using ideas without large investments. The appeal of an exhibition resides in a variety of factors, ranging from the absolute variation of exposure scenarios – museology – to face museological scripts that are highly original, relying on creative ideas, creative impulses of differentiation. And you have to renew the Visual Identity of the museum, many of which are seen are nineteenth century.

2677968971764_epbGC7Mv_lWatching others who have successfully solved the same problems as ours is a very cheap way to find / Archive solutions: EVE

Exposure can be very attractive using a risky, surprising, daring museology, you have to be brave. Technological advance means is to be used. You can create synergies with the local technical college to work in the museum oriented and applied innovation. There are countless examples of assemblies which, although low cost, have been a success for its innovation, its originality. The public is always identified with news provided they are justified. The solutions can be applied to the variation of the permanent pass stage unavoidably involves cheap original creation. Committees creation of ideas inside the museum are essential when dance to innovation.

591_22-11-2011_1144Our everyday stuff can become an excellent base for museology / Photo: Fabio Ongarato Design

In short, we are talking about low costs, changing contents , without departing apply innovation to the nature of the location and immediacy. The committee can not perpetuate ideas speculating concepts without generating real solutions. The exhibits must be based on the needs of their own locality or region. The local museum should be like a provincial newspaper , keeping up to date on the reality of the place. If one day a river overflowed in the area, we can respond quickly with a special exhibition on the historical relationship of the city with the river, for example. Or make a presentation on the history of trade , or industry , and so on. There are dozens of issues of interest to the group and can form an inexpensive exhibition. The museum can be very useful for the community in the educational level, showing that everyday problems are never new , revealing how they were incurred in the past that impact had in their day and how they should be addressed today .

2165438395809_Bxnn8x3d_lIn the good use of light can be a great ally in combination with simple / Photo supports: File EVE

Another solution to keep alive the local museum is organizing singles events but have an impact on the collective. One of these events may be organizing an exhibition of objects provided by the neighbors, or old photographs, films, and even incite a neighbor to explain the use of an artifact or craft that can be filmed and shown on the museum with a video, even calling schools. It is a work that also get the benefit of involving neighboring showing them how important their stories to shape history.

3737116794214_p4yAa0fv_lModeling the shape of the supports plain text using cheap materials is a solution that has always worked / Photo: File EVE

Finally, keep in mind that the museum is a means of communication: it must ally with other means to create cultural products. Partnerships that aim to keep the museum alive and to disseminate knowledge and the means, in turn, dignify your image disseminating that knowledge can be a very rewarding exchange between entities. Designing exhibitions has much in common with the design of a communication campaign. This is a very important basic principle that should influence the theme, sequence, programs to collect and review information, essay writing and recording the testimonies. The structure of all these original contents but cheap museological Ideas – change a projection wall to the floor and is an innovation -. This is the last work we propose to revitalize the local museum and it is the best tool for innovation: think, think and think.



Museo local, la cenicienta de la cultura

Ediciones TREA, Gijón (2008)