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We have reached already the Caribbean coast of Honduras, then we have walked all the way up to the sea and cross a very small distance between Honduras and the arrival costs of a tiny small country of central caribbean coast maned Belize. It is an English speaking country because it is an old brit colony is, so we will speak English for a few days. With a long coastline facing the Caribbean, Belize is culturally similar to many of the former colonies of the islands of the West Brit Indies, with a majority Creole (mixed African-European) or Afro-Caribbean population a. The interior of the country belongs to the descendants of the Maya indigenous and especially in the north and northwest of the country, where they often speak Spanish. In the southeast along the Caribbean coast live the garfunas (Black Caribs) an Afro-Amerindian culture. German-speaking Mennonites also ESTN settled in Belize, best not to ask for their ancestors a century earlier. World class attractions include exploring the lush jungles of exotic plants, insects and soil air, animals mammals, reptiles, fishing, swimming, snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean Sea, with its attractive reefs, and then visit the Mayan ruins. Income levels remain very low and infrastructure is very bsica but very cheap. The people form Belize it is very proud and are nice people to visitors so tourism industry there is growing very fast in the last decade, although it does not spread to everyone. Today we will make a round trip, not much, but what’s there is good. Fasten backpacks because we are going to start our walk…

1. Cahal Pech Visitors Center / Distrito de Cayo

dominicaCahal Fish a museum which is actually more a visitor center, located in the northwestern part of the Cayo District. The average size of the ancient Maya ceremonial center perched on a hill overlooking the picturesque town of San Ignacio. Recent excavations and restoration work revealed consolidaciny masks, facades, terraces, stairs and large pyramidal structures. Clusters of temples and palaces ESTN arranged around a number of places in the six-acre gardens. During periods Preclsico mean and takes me, Cahal Pech (place tick) may have been the principal ancient Maya center of the central region of Belize. The Visitor Center Cahal Pech outlines the prehistory of the area from the Archaic period Cayo (4000. C.) to the ancient Maya Posclsico (1100 d. C.). An important aspect of the permanent exhibition which can be visited today is the role of the ancient site of Cahal Pech in the development of the Maya civilization in particular in Preclsico period (300 BC -250 d. C.)

2. The House of the Culture / Belize City

HouseOfCultureBackOfThe House of Culture (Government House) is located at the southern end of Regent Street, in downtown Belize City. This gracious mansion was the seat of colonial government in Honduras Britnica and residence of the governors appointed by Her Majesty the Queen of England. Today the Government House has been transformed into a House of Culture, a center for the creative community for residents and visitors. It serves as a place to enjoy art and music, courses, exhibitions, concerts, spaces of the art gallery, meeting rooms and outdoor theater. The lush gardens can be an inviting place where weddings and other social events are held. Bird watchers have discovered that the surrounding trees and foliage attract a variety of migratory birds and indigenous beliceos. The mansion has been recently refurbished and the colonial character of the building has been preserved. A collection maintains the permanent exhibition that includes low furniture and silver serving pieces once used at banquets held by former governors of this British colony.

3. The Lamanai Visitor Center / Indian Church

Lamanai_High_TempleThe Lamanai Visitor Center is a museum located in one of the most popular destinations in Belize, the ancient Mayan city of Lamanai (submerged crocodile). Lamanai is one of the oldest Maya sites in the world and has a continuous occupation that durms 3300 years. In a first occupied around the year 1500. C., Lamanai Segua inhabited even after the presence of Maya Posclsico, and evidence espaolas two churches that were built and subsequently destroyed by the Maya in the year 1600, STILL to be located on the site. The occupation continues in place until the year 1875 when the british introduced a factory sugar mill to process the extended surface of sugarcane planted in the area. The new center has an extensive collection of artifacts. At least 2,400 years of human activity at the site is recorded in pottery and artifacts. Stela 9, which records the life of Lord of histrica importance, dating from March 10, 625 d. C., estahora in exhibicin. The site of Lamanai and Visitor Center, estubicado on the shores of New River Lagoon, in the district of Orange Walk, and approximately 2 km from the village of Indian Church.

4. The Belize’s Museum / Belize City

belize-museum-lawyerThe Museum of Belize, located in downtown Belize City (Gabourel Lane), and based on the Central Bank of Belize, was the first national museum in the country, opened in the year 2002. Museum is located in a renovated british colonial prisin, built in 1857 and discharged in 1993. Whatever be a single housing for inmates is now where most valued treasures of Belize is in exhibicin. Both permanent and temporary collections can Versen this beautiful building of Tpeak britnicas Caribbean colonies. The Maya’s work is a collection of permanent museum and extending a sample of ancient Maya civilization from 600 to. BC until 1500 AD. C. Many artifacts are the legacy of the ancient Maya achievements all is. Temporary exhibitions include “Insects Belize” a colorful collection of butterflies, including the spectacular Blue Morpho, and “Patterns of Belize,” which includes a stamp commemorating the coronation of King George VI (1937). The Museum of Belize, has maintained its link with the past, as each window means a cell structure that was built for each inmate. The Museum of Belize, has maintained its link with the past, as each window means a cell structure that was built for each inmate. One of the cells has been restored to provide visitors a reflection of what life was like in prisin, not nice.

5. Nimli Punit Visitor Center / Indian Creek

www.richard-seaman.comThe Visitor Center Nimli Punit is a museum in the ancient Mayan site Nimli Punit (Big Hat). This site is located in the district of Toledo, near the modern Maya people of Indian Creek. this localization is famous for its large number of carved monuments, twenty-six in total. The site was built allalrededor the Preclsico Medium (400-700 d. C.) and came to an end around 900. C. This center will help visitors explore the long history of the ancient Mayan city of Nimli Punit who has several trails, including recently discovered a monument that provides details about the history of the site policy. The number 22 celebrates the wake of Katun finalizacin XVIII under the rule of Lord K’awil K’inich Hat. History of “bleeding” and scatter incense described for Lord K’awil Hat K’inich went to Copan (Honduras) and asllevar out rituals in the company of kings Copan.

We thank the American Museum Network Center (REDCAMUS) information and all photographs provided to us for the today’s Agendas Mundi dedicated to the beautiful and very small state of Belize. Happy weekend to all of you!!


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