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Today we are going to almost transcribe something that I think may have interest, especially for us who are art lovers and if estis aquleyendo this, for all of us. The deontolgico code of committed art expert or any person shall engage in any physical and jurdica of artistic specialties. These rules are not restrictive, ie, there may be other rules beyond those listed here, in any case these standards reveal the rigor with which the profession is regulated in major international trade organizations . Then we will explain the code quconsiste Deontolgico of Art Experts: In Europe you can find several art experts associations with the corresponding code, asque will express in terms the general compliance. At European level the code deontolgico incumbent on all art experts. The fixed code deontolgico general duties of the expert, whatever his specialty, and his consequent sanctions rape. One of the main objectives of your working out is to get unify criteria for all art experts internationally, always with respect for the law. About the expert: The expert, by definition, must have, on the one hand, some scientists and technical knowledge to enable you to have a vision and ability to place each case within the general context by analyzing their characteristics, and secondly, extensive experience in the field, all of which confers absolute authority within the context that it is you that allows you to make decisions appropriate to the circumstances and the environment in particular, the art expert should possess a formation ny knowledge of art in general and a thorough knowledge of the specialty in which desarrollarsu activity and, on the other hand, must have experience within the art industry so that their findings reflect reality from the point of view artistic, jurdico, econmico, historical, etctera. This is what makes him an expert.

1 General principles of the profession of art expert:

The proceedings of the art expert should be developed within the framework of rights and duties inherent in the profession and in strict compliance with the following principles:

1.1 Independence of judgment and action regarding people with whom I estrelacionado professionally;

1.2 Awareness and reasoning of their decisions on application of the most highest standards of integrity, fairness and justice;

1.3 According to performance of their duties diligently, consistent behavior with regard comny honesty. .

2 was explicitly outlawed the code for the experts:

2.1 Any practice involving or suggesting the variation of objective conclusions about the benefit of subjective or manipulated reviews;

2.2 the possibility of agreements, known or hidden, intended to exercise some kind of pressure that affects the development of competition or detract from any physical or moral person;

2.3 The utilization of asociacino name of their position for personal gain, implying that act in representation of hereof without the consent of the board explcito board.

2.4 It is forbidden besides the expert any act that may be a descrdito the title of expert sobrevaloracin ascomo any of their own qualities or excessive wordy.

2.5 The arrangement of expert ARE NOT refuse to fixed principles of independence and professional integrity in the Code.

3 plans experience.

3.1 consideracin For the expert, a person must have developed his career within the art industry, preferably in activities linked to other experts who have been charged or actions that may have compromised his honesty.

4 Envelope honesty expert:

4.1 The expert should shun speculation, tergiversacino utilization of information for their own benefit or third parties.

4.2 The credibility of an expert estfundada largely in its honesty and good faith. Any matter that may question the very threatens his career and, by extension, may raise doubts about the profession in general. In this sense, the collective of expert professionals has the obligation to disassociate themselves from those who in the course of his career posiciny abuse their knowledge to get some kind of illicit privilege.

4.3 If the candidate has been linked to some kind of judicial process, complaint or particularly contentious case, related to the field of art, writing about his deberinformar participaciny in the same situation, before the time of filing its application for membership.

4.4 If the expert sb occupy public office or was somehow involved with the Administration, deberrehusar any case in which his opinion could influence a adjudicacino in any other act which could bring prevaricacin. Where appropriate, the board or the expert himself may decline the project.

4.5 Similarly any member of the association who believes himself linked to a case of this type deberinformar to address the details of the process and evolution. Upon request the Partner address podrdar faith before any court or agency of its validity and professional warranty. If the process incurring liabilities in a transgression of The basic rules of the Code, either derivasen, if it concealed or did not inform sb of fact that could lead to a professional misconduct is may decide his expulsion from the association.

5. Sobre la producción de arte:

5.1 It is the basic principle of the profession of expert art protection over any econmico or commercial interest. The expert must be aware in the course of business of any opinin, conclusinu omission may affect or induce actions affecting a play and should act accordingly. In no case the expert pondren compromise the integrity of a work of art to suit particular interests.

6 Upon objectivity.

6.1 The expert in the development of their profession and especially in rendering conclusions should apply objective criteria and arguments.

6.2 If in doubt, have the obligation to use all those tests scientist character and collect all information that may prove the certainty of its conclusions.

6.3 The emission of inconclusive opinions, especially certifications or authentications, omitting the scientists resources (various chemicals analysis) to eliminate any uncertainty, consideraruna serious misconduct.

7 About the responsibility.

7.1 The expert should be in arrangement of issuing a judgment on the facts or objects which have been declared competent.

7.2 The expert should be responsible for the consequences that occurred after their dictmenes, ascomo derived from the exercise of their activity.

7.3 The expert should be able, at any given time, demonstrate the basis for any decision taken and therefore must apply a demonstrable criteria based on objective arguments that defend their conclusions if necessary.

7.4 The expert is responsible for all documents or objects entrusted to it for optimal realization of its mission. It is his obligation to return them immediately as they are required.

7.5 What they have obligation to sign a liability insurance to ensure the smooth running of his business.

8. On the specialty:

8.1 Each expert must be specialized in a single topic, or exceptionally in more than one of which conocerel maximum detail and within which primary activity desarrollarsu expertise.

8.2 Specific specialty deberser possible to encompass the maximum knowledge about the same.

8.3 In no case the expert should make the mistake of issuing expertizaciones whatsoever about unfamiliar specialties in substance and which is not recognized by any entity or institution.

8.4 The emission of expertizaciones on outside the competence of the expert issues can seriously compromise your credibility as a professional and can be considered as very serious.

9 About the discretion.

9.1 Both the information received and the conclusions issued Bern discretion and subject to the maximum you harnpblicas only at the request of the customer or by operation of law.

9.2 In no case the expert podrcitar relacionndolo a case with the customer without the prior authorization of this.

9.3 The use of this information for the benefit of the expert or third serconsiderada a very serious offense.

9.4 Expert’s obligation to take all necessary measures to ensure the inviolability of the informacina seen by a professional. Deberaplicar the precautions mximas both as regards the file as the transmission information utilizaciny thereof.

10 About the associationism.

10.1 Adhesing from an expert at a prestigious professional association ensures the credibility and validity of their expertizaciones to the extent that this association is responsible for the cualificacin members of the component.

10.2 Professional agrupacin, besides ensuring the level of its members, can facilitate collaboration between them, what comes to result in better overall service expertizacin.

11. About the collaboration.

11.1 The expert must be able to count on the collaboration of other experts in various specialties.

11.2 If in the course of their duties is compromised expert to intervene as a specialty sb outside its jurisdiction should not abandon the case but has the obligation to use accredited colleagues trained to give a solution n punctual.

11.3 In the course of a general investigation into the various specialties who attend an expert coordinator can arrange direct the work and instruct various actions to each expert specialists who comentarel scope of the specific intervention .

11.4 In deciding this collaboration expert coordinator deberdeterminar the scope of responsibility of each of the participants and informaral system client work established experts.

11.5 Each expert contributor assume liability arising from the work entrusted to him and his dictmenes and conclusions and should undertake to issue a report if the expert coordinator required.

11.6 At the end of the joint research coordinator estcapacitado expert to issue a conclusive report basndose the opinions of reviewers and those colleagues that his general knowledge and experience will enable materialize, but always respecting the scope of their own specialties.

11.7 The expert must cover liability of those collaborators, outside the profesino develop their work as apprentices, who have not covered their jurdica responsibility.

12. Fellowship Duties:

12.1 Experts should take and keep to his colleagues, whatever their nationality and specialty, an attitude of loyalty and cortesay, above all, a spirit of moral support.

12.2 The expert must refrain from any act of unfair competition, avoiding both fraudulent utilization of the fact prevail through forged, manipulated or overestimated ottulos references.

12.3 The customer must comply expert colleagues can not perform any action aimed at captacin thereof.

12.4 If in the development of a general action expert field unintentionally supplant another expert, so it relates to customer service, the first shall, attulo of courtesy, and propose a compensation deal inform the customer. But if at one point the client decides choose to use the services of another expert for unsatisfied with the first considered, either by reason or techniques for serious offenses, it is not appropriate to raise the possibility of any compensation.

12.5 The expert has the obligation not to question the quality of the work of another colleague of his predecessor to a client. Only in the event of an established ilcita actuacin or violates the code deberproceder to report to the board and, if appropriate, take the necessary legal measures.

12.6 In the event of conflicting expertizaciones is advisable that experts personally confront their different views before reaching higher levels or deposit their findings to any jurisdiction.

12.7 In case of divergence of professional opinion, experts should create an atmosphere of high dignity and courtesy in their debates and should seek a solution of conciliacin.

13. Custom Duties on expertization:

13.1 The main objective is to fulfill all expert commissions for clients, provided that they are compatible with the rules of honor and morality, the law and taking into account all when the goal of protecting and safeguarding the artwork.

13.2 The expert has a duty to provide all their knowledge and resources in all cases entrusted to it, without distinction of person, race or politics or religious ideology.

13.3 If for any reason the expert had to drop a case, have the obligation to look for, according to his client, a new expert responsible to take charge of the mission in the same terms, seeking especially to meet the deadline of realization that I was given.

13.4 The expert may refuse a case when you have some previous knowledge of it that take you to such decisino when somehow feel connected to a direct or indirect manner which could compromise him personally.

13.5 The expert can not perform their functions in cases related to family or personal interest, or those who are facing ongoing missions.

13.6 In the case that an analysis of any scientist, the expert must handle personally order it and monitor it. Do not let the client delegated this’ running other independent expert reviewers unless the customer declares his special intersy be responsible for it.

13.7 The expert must ensure that all necessary conditions are met to work out a good trmino its mission. Otherwise must strive to impose. If you find opposition, evidence of ill will or refutacin unjustified and that such acts or behavior could present a risk to the proper performance of its functions, the expert has the right to refuse the case or even interrupt their intervention , subject to contractual provisions contrary.

13.8 The expert has the capacity to decide and choose direct payments that are necessary. In no case nobody podrimponer contest a third party except with the full knowledge and consent of the expert.

13.9 The acceptance of the code requires deontolgico meet this code and respect, trust entails for people who want to use their services.



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Editorial TREA, (2013).