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Investigación, art and Innovation

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Let us start from the idea that the museolgico plan is a platform for cultural and artistic projection, if it were a sailboat, must necessarily navigate directing its course towards the XXI century. On this trip, the plan museolgico deberrecalar art on the islands of new technologies to stock up on ideas and new solutions. It’s about having enough material – ideas, for our sailboat transformndose recycle in a solid and large cruise ship, let us enjoy butt artistic and cultural diversions. In other words less prosaic: we must rethink the presence of art museums in relation to the new technologies. Few art museums that take real advantage of their web presence. The network should not be an informative complement, should be a tool for the establishment of realities that are known by all and for all; universal generate synergies that are realistic and positive for those involved, and to get the knowledge of art adnde otherwise, fails: culture and knowledge through art in disadvantaged areas. Knowledge, culture is the only thing that can save the ostracism to disadvantaged people.

Obliteration_Room4Foto. Obleration Room en la Tate Modern

In the background is always the same: to reach the largest possible number of people and not for soda ascribe our institution’s good grace, should be to generate knowledge as mencionbamos above. The modern art museum should assume the role of educator active in sensitization towards creation. Potential users of the art museum must access the information online, creating different channels YOU SPECIFIC, having in mind the museum different public sectors that make up our society. There are museums that feature and blog websites instead of incorporating information resources, using Facebook as a way of desjerarquizar institutional scope; smarthpohones incorporating the museum apps that are useful, not “crap” of having done, where you have access to detailed information generated by experts or cultural profiles and prestigious scientists who speak and explain the funds of a museum. The Thyssen is a good example.

signFoto: American Art Museum Sign / Smithsonian Institution

The Tate Modern has a section on its website where users can hang entering their own works and open debate about them in their creative manifesto. And this is one of the possibilities. Everything happens for being creative, to generate ideas, the idea is good that sustains good results if you know how to run. Quocurre? That is very difficult to generate ideas to flow and run because aquhay too much bureaucracy, too many steps. Not have the british pragmatism, for example, the brutal simplicity of thought that both defend and is the current that has generated many useful solutions. We drown wave of speculation among so many of the ideas and the slow decision-making and risk absolute abomination. Keep in mind that with which estcayendo, there truly horrified people with the idea to draw attention to something that will come up with something that does not work, there is going to be her fired (one d sb to mention these horror related fear of dismissal). It is a caricature of reality, estpasando. But do not stray from the subject, let’s not fair to little if they risk and fight to put their proposals under vale.

9780091957025Imagen: Libro Brutal Simplicity of Thought /  M&C Saatchi

We will rigorous. New technologies incorporated into the scope of the museum numerous variables for solace and understanding. But there are problems of development – that he will do – such as polmicos spaces related to copyrights which accrue to disseminate works tecnolgicos different media in the case of art. It is a means countless creators and intermediaries in an open debate. The museums institutions, giving equal its size, should provide in their annual budgets for cultural action, all future costs of management. Looks baladpero is a serious problem for the famous museums copyright.THE_BATTLE_OF_COPYRIGHTImage: Copyright’s Battle

This is a scenario that presents problems worldwide and affects a very obvious way in the same art, ea fund must be used in all too long. A very interesting and scope, sure, tendrque face a new adaptation of user behavior. However, the use of new media estensanchando the stage for the viewer, art can reach every corner and if there home port. There are even museums with more media channels is considering setting ESTN web-television, tool clarsimo future and not just for art museums. All audiovisual platform where divulgacin programs focus on the art, research, the formaciny the fun, of course. It is a evolucinlgica we’ll see how it comes to us in no time. The ones I estclaro is that art museums – mostly local – can not be kept apart and keep the speed at which life evolves and instruments. The world is diverse, globalized and sectorally. Worth knowing deliver what people want and what you need without knowing that they need. Education to power.

education-pEducation and knowledge are the only way to freedom