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LTVs_abcmuseum_4Museo ABC  (Madrid)

Museography companies which are in a good number of occasions, promote nexus between universities and museums. It should not be the unique formula of union for collaboration, but is the most frequently one. Years ago we have been working and collaborating with different universities, developing contents and searching for new solutions in the museography field: history, science, technology, etc. Besides this professional collaboration, we have always thought that a possible closer approach between museums and universities, from the point of view of development of new projects in the museography and museology fields, will do much good for both parties. This union will certainly redound to the meeting and proposed solutions of enormous value. For starters, the fact that university students have a more direct contact with the museums in the plane of teamwork: developing both learning activities and carrying out fieldwork, we understand to be quasi-mandatory in a modern society that aspires to be in contact with the knowledge and know in a kind way. From our point of view, the nexus of this knowledge, artistic capability and sensibilization – human values that is so necessary to society – may be led by the museums that are really the only ones you might disappear that work continuously.

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We’re not talking about promoting university museums, another concept that will play in your da and we talked about collaboration between the two living forces as independent entities, but without fusion walking hand in hand. We can think of quite a number of collaboration going. We specifically have been able to put some up, as work related to technology applied to museographer. Our relationship with the university – in its overall concept – was always very fruitful for both parties. For the college student, the opportunity of having the fruit of their learning is applied in solutions that directly impact on improving museums approach are of whatever nature, has an irreplaceable value. That for them, students who are the protagonists, and endorsed by teachers, university-industry this pairing always work and is positive for all. In this pair of active elements only need the direct approach of part necessary to close the circle: the museum.

munich-universityMunich Technology University

From an economic point of view, the professional company, as in our case, financing the whole process and assists in the training of students to monitor their work. It’s the price you pay to be a entrepreneur museographer and do it with ease. Who benefits directly from this structure timely work is the museum itself, which is to say that ends up being beneficial to society. In any event, what we will, we think it is a loss to society that this type of collaboration will only be machined from the initiative of companies like ours and is not a job that starts from systematics statements of collaboration from the Administration – who are directing the destinies of many museums institutions -. No talk just a fact that does not happen normally in Spain, but in many countries of the world. Museums generally are detached from the university in the active plane for the generation of new solutions and all kinds of collaboration. Companies should not be at first as a ruling ente who acte-member university museums, museums-college, that’s not our role but we are doing.

University-of-Oxford-museums4-528x396Science Museum of Oxford University

There is much work to do, there are many areas that require museistic young research effort, new ideas and enthusiasm. Not just talk about the research in applied technology, where there is much more research and development in all areas of knowledge and universal survival of the work history needed. Students develop something that are not books that is nothing but exponentiation of capacity, so important in the lives of all people creative thinking. Perhaps that is our fundamental give and our “obligation” as active elements of one of the formulas of collaboration. Museums are paid fields for college work, including didactic classrooms and interpretation centers. We hope that the Administration will someday become an active part of this vital and irreplaceable formula.

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