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Expo1909:EVEOnce upon a time, the directives of a museum decided that it was urgent to find money to do changes. The problem came when the directives got the answer from the foundation museum members that they won’t put money in the bag any further, no way. The expeditions sponsored by the museums costed lots of money and then the information created by them was almost free to newspapers and other media. The east wing has to be renewed too, the ceilings were falling everywhere, it was dangerous. The people did not come to they museum and they usually did in the past. Museum was getting emptier and emptier, darker, alone, sad… What can they do then?

Museo1915In one of those museum’s “finding solutions” meetings, someone said that in the department store they were showing Blériot airplane, the forts pilot to cross the English channel and a huge crowd was waiting outside under the snow to see it. It had a long queue of people around the building waiting too. By the way someone gave to him a flyer announcing that the Sackleton’s sleigh and other equipment was showed there too, people was very excited about it. Hummmm…  Same excitement as when the World’s Exposition opened in Paris in 1919. Museum had only to copy all these marketing strategies to have new visitor coming, to get more money from outside.

bleriotatselfridgesUnder a really good criteria, the member of that museum’s meeting had the bright idea to develop the first temporary exhibition, a great idea to make new visitors, and then other, and other… Just copy and move that strategies from the big stores to museums. ph20From that moment to now, temporary exhibits are part of any museum activity that wants to get new visitors, to get money. The first exhibition was a wonderful success, plus the got another bright idea: what about selling things inside the museum… But not all was pink color, the people had to know that a new exhibition was going on, what did they do? Museum is a serious institution to give flyers on the street to the people. What to do without losing prestige? Let’s copy again. The administrators of the museum gave it to the hands of an advertising agency, and then…