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We keep enjoying this beautiful summer and we have plenty of time to play with our smartphones and their new apps. It always happen the same, lying on the beach towel trying to get a wi-fi wave… The ones that are up in the mountains, forget it, or may be not if you are hiking Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong. Anyway we are going to talk about museums and art apps for our devices. The following selection is the best that we could do related with museums in general. Some of these apps are very good others can be improved. Anyway this is the list, enjoy.

Art Database app


More than 50.000 artworks! The most complete art app on the App Store. Complete catalogs of your favorite artists: Renoir (1200 artworks), Monet (1100 artworks), Van Gogh (600 artworks), … More than 130 artists with complete catalogs, biographies, news and videos. Developed by Totihems.

Art HD app


Great Artists and their masterpieces.  Art Gallery. Slideshow and Quiz. Developed by Puzzle World Games.

Da Vinci Museum app


Walk around the da Vinci museum and see various artworks and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the renaissance’s greatest thinkers. Not only was he a great painter that produced such classics as the ‘Mona Lisa’ and the ‘Last Supper’, but he was also an accomplished sculptor and inventor, many of his ideas were ahead of his time. With the “da Vinci Museum”, you can see and learn about some of da Vinci greatest artistic masterpieces, and take a tour through the back room to see replications of some of his inventions. Developed by Ocean Red.

Musee app


Muse-app is a library of details taken from famous works of art. Put them on your canvas and create your own remix. Browse through our expanding library of painterly taxonomies: Sceneries, People, Animals, Objects and Skies. Place them on your canvas; move, scale, duplicate them to make remixes never seen in the History of Art! Use the wheel to bring images from front to back. Add a fitting frame and add a title. It’s all you need to make awesome Art. Share your Masterpiece through facebook, e.mail, put it on your camera-roll, or post it on our web gallery for the world to see and enjoy. Developed by No Strings.

Museum Experience app


• Itineraries prepared by the museum • 1, 2 or 3 hours. For kids, students, handicapped etc. • And we guide you through our GPS. • The complete and updated collection of the museum. You won’t miss a thing.
• Audios, videos, pictures, everything! • Find everything you need • Easy and intuitive. Developed by Museum Experience.

Museum Guide app


Ready to get going? Download the latest TellMeWare™ app and plan your route. Want to know the 7 Secrets of Grand Central Terminal in New York City or the best way around the National Air & Space Museum in Washingtion, DC? Our easy interactive guide will get you where you need to go. Developed by Tell Me Ware.

Museum Planet app


Museum Planet provides comprehensive narrated educational photo guides to historic sites in New York City and Venice, Italy, Spain and other domestic and foreign locations. The Tours have large expandable pictures with voice narration and text (including biographies) attached to each.  Developed by Museum Planet.

Museums of the World app


Museums gives you free access to thousands of museums around the world. It’s designed to give you up-to-date information about museums, exhibitions and other cultural events in your city and across the world. This easy to use and professionally designed application is a must-have for art and culture lovers, travel aficionados and all those who want the right information instantly in the palm of their hand! Developed by Semantika.

Wiki Art app


WikiArt app gives you free access to one of the most complete repositories of fine art available online. Discover and enjoy • more than 110,000 artworks • by 1800+ artists • from 73 countries all over the world• covering 13-21 centuries timespan WikiArt app uses http://www.WikiArt.org project database, which works according to wiki principle and being constantly updated. Developed by Katerina.