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You bet, today we are going to talk about museums under a list again. It is not because we love lists, to put it simple, for us it is vacation time too so the rhythm is much slow and the creative light it is not bright as it has to be. Besides, we know, we believe, that under relaxing periods you guys don’t enjoy reading theories and lines and lines of museology descriptions, are we wrong? That is why, finally, we came out today with another list, very smart one. We have listed the last museums that were inaugurated from 2011 till now, just coming out from the oven. Some of them are very new, some other not so new, but all are awesome. Of course you will miss one or two that we did not include but it is our list and we made the pick, right? For example, northern Europe is full of new museums, one of the economic indicators, things go well up there and we are jealous, so we are not going to mention them. Sorry about that blonds. We have to say that China scores a lot, they are opening museums as fast food shops making the star system architects very, very happy… And wealthy. Well, let’s stop talking…

1. Museum Long of West Bound (Shanghai, China). Opened in march 2014


2. National Maritime Museum of China (Tianjing, China). Opened in the beginning of 2014


3. Art Museum of Datong (Datong, China). Opened in 2013


4. Wood Sculpture Museum of Harbin (Harbin, China). Opened in 2013


5. Art Museum of Pingtan (Pingtan, China). Opened in 2013


6. Dali Museum of St. Petersburg (Florida, USA). Opened in 2012


7. Museum of Innocence (Istanbul, Turkey) Opened in 2012.


8. Oceanographic Museum of Biarritz (France). Opened in 2012


9.  Crystal Bridges Art Museum (Bentonville, Arkansas, USA). Opened in 2012


10. Museum of the City of Liverpool (Liverpool, England). Opened in 2011.


And another one as a present…

Natural History Museum of Utah (Utah, USA). Opened in 2011