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These giant creatures, long time ago, pointed the roux of our passions and perceptions about museums. It happened in the great marine mammals of the Natural History Museum in London, where, when we were little kids, we saw this wonder with a huge open mouth in front of the amazing blue whale resting on the museum floor. We were shocked by the beauty of the show. It was an awesome discovery to us and was one of the reasons we became museographers. Going back to our today’s subject, whales and museums, we have seen many other museums with the spectacular creatures exhibits, even in Japan and Norway, where the locals insisted they still love whales… as wealthy commerce or whale’s steak or sushi. We have done a World’s round, going here and there to see the maritime museums where they have whale’s skeletons, teeth, figures, art, copies of the creäture, etc. There is no museum related with the sea fauna that does not have a whale in their exhibits in a way or the other. We even found museums about the whale’s hunting, their industry, explaining how they killed the creatures. Finally we had the chance to put a whale in one of our projects, the one in Penas Cape Lighthouse about the ocean.

Now we are going to do a short look to the museums that we have found about whales all over the World. Of course we know there are many other not shown here today, but the space is short so we will write another entrance next time with the remaining ones…

Nantucket Whale Museum (Massachussets, USA) – Home of the captain Akab –


Natural History Museum of London


American Natural History Museum of New York


 Natural History Museum of Funchal (Madeira, Portugal)


Whale Museum in Taiji (Japon)


Hunting Whales Museum of Sandefjord (Norway)


Hunting Whales Museum of Jangsaengpo (South Korea)


Whale Museum of Te Papa Tongarewa (Wellington, New Zealand)


Hermanus Whale Museum (Hermanus, South Africa)


Natural History Museum of Bhubaneswar (India)


Whale Museum of Húsavik (Iceland)


And as you well know, there are many, many other…

Images: Photos come from EVE’s archives and non reserved rights pictures