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“Naked people have little or no influence on society”. Mark Twain

Today, we are going to write about museums related with fashion in a way or another, those who show in their exhibits the history of costumes and accessories in our World. There are many fashion museums that are monograph subjects about that theme, just related with costumes, in others, fashion is a part of their showing. The artificial skin that keep us away from air, may be not here from where we write in this time of the year, in any case it is a physical that affects our occidental culture and every other culture around the planet since human beings are humans, that is why fashion it is so relevant.  Costumes, in all its different representations as a human object it has generated specific museums: costume museums, fashion museums, accessories museums, perfume museums, shoe museums, hat museums, textile machinery museums, silk museums, we have visited even a Hairdresser history museum in Denmark. All of this without making a break to talk about the representation of the costume in Art History in all of its expressions. We must mention, of course we do, that many museums dedicated to costumes are fashion schools and textile technologic investigation centers too. All these institutions have a very important role as witnesses of how time goes by. Many of the museums mentioned here are in a renewing phase, applying new costumes restoration and conservation techniques.

Today we are going to select those museums that we (EVE) find very interesting and important related to history of fashion and, as always we say, it is impossible to show all the fashions museums that are out there, big or small, does not matter because we have no room for all. Sorry about that. So, let’s get dress for a walk to fashion museums…

Museo del Traje (Madrid, Spain)


Fashion Museum (Bath, England)


Musée Pallais Galliera (Paris)


Metropolitan Museum of New York – Fashion Institute


Museum of Fashion Technology of New York


Museum Alberto & Victoria of London – Fashion History Galleries


Museo Cristobal Balenciaga (Getaria, Spain)


Musei Gucci de Firenze (Italia) 


Museum Institute of Fashion of Kyoto (Japon)


Musei Salvatore Ferragano – Palazzo Spini Feroni de Firenze (Italy)


Museo de la Moda (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

331-ni-san 3 Gentileza Museo de la Moda

Musée de la Moda de Belgium – MoMu (Antwerp, Belgium)


Tassen Museum Hendrikje  (Amsterdam, Holland)


Les Arts Décoratifs de Paris (Paris, France)


Museu de la Moda de Portugal MUDE (Lisbon, Portugal)


Museum of Fashion of Kobe (Kobe, Japon)


Museum of the University of Kent (Kent, Ohio, USA)


Lipstick Museum of Berlin (Berlin, Germany)


Museum of Jewelry dof Seoul (Seoul, South Korea)


Museo del Perfume (Barcelona, Spain)


“They are beautiful like no others…” (George Michael)