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“I dream about painting, I paint my dreams.” Vicent van Gogh

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“MANY Chinese museums open with a fine first exhibition, but are soon as empty as swimming pools without water“, The Economist, May 24th 2014).

When Chinese leaders put their hands on the purse, the start system’s get very, very happy. If you’re lucky enough to coincide a visitor with a new art museum opening in China, something not so difficult today, you may get lucky and see an exhibition of good/decent art, but you must know that all is going to turn temporary, the exhibitions there have expired date. The good will go back to their own museums mostly in Europe and US, where real Art is exposed. In recent times, modern Chinese cultural revolution, inherited from the earlier one, built dozens of museums like daisies grow in the spring fields.

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Every week now we have a museum opening in China, and that it is good in a first stage to promote Art to citizens, but museums must show valuable Art pieces, not junk, and that is really bad. Art is missing because the cultural revolution finished with all of it. It is what it’s happening now in China. Too many museums, too small amount of Art to do permanent exhibitions. Museums are empty, so big rooms, so small creation. Where is the real problem? China does not have museum’s specialists, cultural managers, global Art specialists… Consequence of this emptiness is a minimal museum management, the unknowledge of the museum matters and the result is what we see when we visit a Chinese Art Museum: we see nothing.

Ultra moderns museums designed by Gehry, Hadid, Nouvel, Foster, great Japanese architects too, the big ones, and so short list of things to show with dignity… Sad.

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We know people who worked very hard and under very dangerous conditions to save pieces of Art in China. In the Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong, the tried to erase any cultural sign from the past destroying everything on they way. Nation Chinese Government does not have anything to do to get back all of the great collection of Art because now it is owned by all these heroes. Many of the Art pieces belong to private collections or museums around the Globe, not Chinese. We have seen with our own eyes huge mill full with Chinese Art pieces saved from the devastation. They do not have room to be shown where they are, Singapore for instance. That is the result of the current museum management, the emptiness, the weakness, the “stupid art”.

dropping_a_han_dynasty_urn_colored_vases.jpg.size.xxlarge.promo“I drop a Han Dinasty vessel”, Ai Weiwei

China Financial Crisis Art “What You See Might Not Be Real”, Chen Wenling 

crazy-sculptures14-e1318509336605-2“Leviathanation”, Huang Yongping

crazy-sculptures10-e1318507492616“Tiger”, Cai Quo-qiang

12WEIWEI-articleLargeCrabs”, Ai Weiwei

16-China_Liu-Jianhua_Yiwu-“Yiwu Survey”, Liu Jianhua

lion_art1“Chinese lion dancing”, (we anted to forget his/her name)0ahouseholdlon“Hand movement” , Wu Jueei

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