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“Everything you can imaging is real”. Pablo Ruiz Picasso

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We strongly believe i what important is our imagination as part of the recipe to push our curiosity about everything surrounding us and make us try to find answers. At the same time, we defend the idea that regional-local museums, as institutions, should never loss their essence, something that will turn them to something unrecognizable, we think in this way because may be we are romantics without solution. In any case, our museum’s World is asking for urgent answers, museums have needs that are over dreams and unreal thinking. We believe that our society needs urgently to be closer to knowledge because we believe that knowledge is freedom. We must create curiosity to people as museum’s professionals. People need a little push to make them ask questions, to grow their hunger of knowledge, to gee them answer to question not formulated yet. Culture is peace.

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Museums are entities that must take the role of culture generators to all audiences. Every museum back we must find a fine working mach¡nery that will make curiosity as a product, to enforce sensibility, to create new questions giving always the right answers, to enforce our criticism to what is right and wrong. We are under the risk to sound repetitive, but this is so urgent that we don not care if we say things more than twice. Museums, mostly regional and locals, are an active tools to grow knowledge among people, the social didactic plans, thinking on adults but in children too.

Local museums can not place themselves away from this concept of being so important in society. They can not still as not moving entities, they must be on the move of giving culture all the time. They are real social services. Any chance to make society go to museums is not enough. Local and Regional museums are institutions that must focus their active commitment as constructive thinking generators. Museums must sake our imagination. We do not care if the museum is about Art, Archaeological, Anthropological, Science, History, Music… Museums managers do have the duty to be conscious that if they do not generate enough stimulus to society, they won’t finish the job in the right way, in the valuable way, that is to give knowledge in any human speciality. Monolithic thinking does not help at all, we must assume risk to face the future and advance.

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In any case, our opinion is that any planning nut be focused on enforce the social imagination, this is their first social service duty. Imagination appears when imagination is called. It does not exist certain ages to grow this ability of creative thinking. Behind museums must be a big space for the imagination, not as well as the content under straight and closed concepts. Imagination help us to find resources where it may look empty. The imagination is not a gift it is the result to use creativity. We need museums that will help us to enforce our creativity, to help us learn to use our imagination.