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“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.”  Virginia Woolf

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The Danish Museum of Women

In the 25 past years the society around the museum has changed. The challenge 25 years ago was to make women’s history visible and to create jobs to women. The challenge today is to upon our society to women from other cultures and learn from other.

PANORAMICA2Hyuro New Street Art Murals For The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – Terracina & Formia, Italy

The museum itself has also changed. You can say that the women’s movement has decreased. As such there is not a women’s movement today. The media and publíc life still focus on women and on equality, focus on questions as equal payment for equal jobs and on maternal leave now also for fathers, but you cannot find a really movement.

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The historical aspect may be the foundation of museum activities, but so is the topical aspect. As a supplement to the exhibition activities themselves the museum issues invitations to film and music, debate meetings, discussion evenings or lectures. Inquisitive audiences have welcomed guests as diverse as government ministers and mayors, as well as established artists and new writers, all eager to share and discuss.

1537581795433_AvZ73bOA_lTruth is Beauty de Marco Cochrane

The Women’s Museum in Denmark is a meet-ing place and the museum has run a cafe trough the years. It is a very popular café. It is also a place for lessons and debate meetings. Sitting around tables in a café-atmosphere is different from sitting in a room made for meetings.

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The role for the Women’s Museum today is to produce and protect the memory of the women’s cultural heritage and still bring the history of women into the light, so that younger generations can learn that inequality between the two gender is a loos of talent. The women’s museum offers a place were you can come and learn from the history and discuss contemporary problems, where you can be inspired by women’s creativity learn something new about women’s lives and circumstances, not just in Denmark but in any other part of the world.