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“Future depends on what we do today”. Mahatma Gandhi


The Museum”, Joanne Young

Museums contain not only culture, they also represent the culture. If the culture is transformed, museums change. Museums are now under severe pressure from consumer culture that leads them to provide memorable experiences for visitors and, sometimes, carry the building and the cultural exhibition they contain to the field of entertainment.


Institutional Identity: Ice cream Museum / Brandemia

Latest generation of museums aim to give answers and set themselves as museums of some of the social values. Not only they show what should be in a museum, but also what interests people, even talking about what «are» people. In their search for a new relocation of their role in our society we are witnessing a complete reformulation of architecture, museography and museology.


Exhibition “Remember Me” Memorial Museum of War Australia

Some museums are organized without a building, transforming a memorable place in a museum. Others are organized without traditional museography though the activities of the museum, which is understood as a cultural activation team, but it seems clear that museums will increasingly tend to focus less on their «content» and become a «story». A story that fascinates people.