“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo

We consider museums as citizenship builders, and museum education as an institutional policy. This affirmation deals with the concept that the experience of learning depends on the forms and contents. In the new concept of museum, polyphonic work is essential; the museum, by definition, is basically an interdisciplinary space.

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Besides museums architecture, the development of new museological and museographic trends, that could be called «emerging museology», which share common axioms. Some of these «emerging museologies» are used to show open air heritage sites and even city landmarks to the public, not just indoor displays.

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The emerging term applied to museology, we do it in the sense to show a qualitative novelty; the “emerging” term refers to the emergence of something previously nonexistent, as if it were a new complex object and having a qualities that are absent in their precursors. The existence of emerging museology is a reality that is growing today thanks to new museological and museographical rules and maybe some very simple concepts too, but they lead to increasingly complex theories. In fact, emerging museologies make allusions of their preludes and are axiomatic concepts that are relatively simple that we need to manage before we get deeper into the discussions of the axiomatic aspects.

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