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The project Talk About Guides offers an innovative way to experience museums and cultural heritage sites. Based on the idea that everyone can talk meaningfully about history, arts and culture, Talk About helps visitors create their own museum experience by conversing with the friends and family accompanying them. It provides self-guided conversation tours that take visitors ona journey through the museum, involving six objects or artworks related to a specific theme, such as travel or family. For each object, visitors receive a number of conversation prompts or questions that help launch a discussion about it, simultaneously drawing out the object’s details and connecting it meaningfully with visitors’ own lives. The first full line of Talk About Guides was launched at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, UK, with the support of Oxford University.

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyohas opened a permanent exhibition entitled Android: What is Human?,featuring the world’s most advanced androids. These android robots, recently developed by Osaka University, include Kodomoroid® (a child android), Otonaroid® (an adult female android) and Telenoid® (an android with a minimal design).

SONY DSCTelenoid®

Kodomoroid® is the world’s first android announcer and Otonaroid® is the Miraikan’s android science communicator. The exhibition, a unique event allowing visitors to communicate with and operate android robots, aims to encourage interaction between humans and robots, and explore the differences between them.