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Museums showcase the works of the best and brightest of all time. The museums on this list hold everything from traditional art to abstract art to archeological findings. Make sure to visit as many as you can in your lifetime. There are not shown in order of importance.

36b76f13502a73655b90f3e8b6c1adcd5fd08f51Vatican Museums

The collection of art in this museum is extremely vast because it has been added to over the last several centuries by the Roman Catholic Church. Here you will find some of the most important pieces of Renaissance art in the world. Over 5.5 million people visited this museum in 2013, which makes it the fifth most visited museum in the entire world.

3ec34fbb9d8f0b16c6bd362071de3cd1d70573f6The Hermitage Museum

This museum is found in Hermitage, Russia and was opened in 1764 by Katherine The Great. This location is home to over three million paintings, though only a portion of them are on permanent display. This is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world, making it a popular destination.

15f39dddb65202b5e117bdee0d2b71bcae8c0e34Museum of Contemporary Art of Brasil / MAC Niteroi

Created from a revolutionary figure of double curvature, the Museum stands on the cliff as a symbolic lighthouse built overlooking the bay. The combination of the elements that surround it, an open square of 2500 square meters, a reflecting pool at its base with 817 square meters and 60 meters deep, thereby giving the structure an appearance of lightness. The modernist structure with circular lines and saucer-shaped, has sometimes been likened to a UFO. The structure rests on a water source from which emerge the flying saucer appears white, pretending to be suspended in the air.

2c40ba03b54e8a56447ac9418a15a8be9f433f90Louvre Museum

The Louvre is one of the most popular museums in the entire world. Over ten million people visited this museum in 2012 to see the world-famous Mona Lisa alone. This painting attracts millions of visitors and is absolutely priceless. To see this painting in real life is breathtaking. You will also find many other interesting works of art throughout the 650,000 square foot building.

8f8430b5aa14e108e82e788c3043631653a57f96British Museum

In London you will find yet another extremely old museum. This location was founded in 1753 and mainly focuses on human culture. You will find exhibits from all over the world among their 8 million pieces of art. This is the second most visited museum in the entire world.

0b29d454bd66c5a209615e9754d2d7f21045a365Egyptian Museums

You will find various Egyptian antiquities at this museum. It was founded in 1902 and has a large collection of items to view. This museum is where you will get to see many of the treasures that were collected from the tomb of King Tut, which makes this location extremely popular.

27e986f1d9672996b46f9ed9c92d2037f0548ff5Metropolitan Museum of Art / MET

This is the largest museum in the United States. It is roughly 2 million square feet and is home to over 2 million pieces of permanent work. The size of this location makes it a very popular place to visit in New York.

052e3765e655d78c60e4bbfc8abd5b810867753aSalvador Dali Museum

In Florida, you will find a very unique museum. As the name suggests, this entire museum is dedicated to the work of Salvador Dali. This museum was founded in 1982 and is the home to the largest collection of Davi’s work outside of Europe.

4e477ed8b48aad0d607e6a0bfda08266a3e66242Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest to be found in North America. It attracts over 1 million people each year and has over 40 galleries with more than 6 million permanent items.

185334be45ae1037cb7351d07bbee109ecdb3c1dDenver Art Museum

This museum is located in Denver and has a very unique design. The architecture of this building was inspired by the nearby Rocky Mountains. This museum is known for its collection of American Indian art, but also houses other unique pieces as well.

dbc73284e728832a480ded6ede901fc9a9c11450State Historical Museum of Iowa

In Moscow, Russia you will find the State Historical Museum which houses everything from ancient relics from our ancestors to priceless modern artifacts. This museum houses millions of permanent display items.

a07466289cd7923637b7645d6b4650dd7a5e0712Smithsonian Institution / Museums Group in The Mall of Washington DC

The Smithsonian consists of 19 museums across Washington DC, with a couple in NYC and one in Virginia. The first building was opened in 1855 and include everything from Natural History, to art, to a postal museum. The US capital has a lot to offer.

e54bd344cdfeb125fcfa6abb4f4f8ec8bb52e0ffNatural Museum of National Science of Taiwan

This museum has a botanical garden, space hall, wildlife hall, and several others that make it a must-visit location. It is found in Taiwan and has over three million visitors per year.

562259639814a2e6a3e74d3419dda1e1c62b6cc1Acropolis Museum

In Greece you will find an amazing museum that focuses on the findings at the archaeological site of Athens. This museum is within 300 yards of the actual Parthenon and houses over 4000 display objects.

d77d758da49df5a67636b4503f5c272c8d15d3bcNational Folk of South Korea Museum

This museum was founded by the US Government and houses replicas of things that represent tradition throughout human history. There are three main exhibit halls with over 100,000 artifacts.

852309ec87c93569b32e1f3fa8217f456ede530eOscar Niemeyer Museum

Curitiba, Brazil is home to one of the most modern museums in the world. This location is also known as “the eye” because one of the museum’s gigantic buildings resembles an eye. This museum mainly focuses on architecture, design, and visual arts.

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