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An archivist breathes life into inanimate records and helps us to understand our present more comprehensively, writes corporate archivist Sanghamitra Chatterjee.

PirojshanagarAn overview of exhibition titled ‘Pirojshanagar: Then and Now’ curated by Godrej Archives on the 60th anniversary of the Godrej township in Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli. Image courtesy: Godrej Archives

I have been an archivist with Godrej Archives since its inception in 2006. Being an archivist has made me more sensitive to history – not as a student, but as a facilitator or a ‘history producer’[1]. While the need to glean meaning from the past is an essential tool for any society, culture or institution, there can be no learning unless that past is preserved, interpreted and showcased.

There can be no history without documentary evidence of the past and an archive offers the most direct access to that evidence. It contains original records, such as letters, diaries and photographs (to…

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