3009157Ricardo Cano, CEO of EVE Museums and Exhibitions

EVE designs projects and builds local museums to promote and boost the local economy in the places where our projects call. We believe that the survival of museums depends a lot on the transformation of the local cultural tourism and becoming generators of a wealth of cultural and economic resources; not only for the museum institution itself but also for the community where the museum belongs to. We study proposals for renovation and design of new museums critically from the perspective as an institution of resource for the creation of a cultural tourism economy. In our projects, we design and develop exhibitions using new techniques of today’s modern museography, technological innovation and interactive systems for visitors of all ages. We understand that museums can not only be seen, they also must be touched, smelled, heard and even tasted. Discuss freely with us about the projects you have in your hands and we will study the best creative solutions for your museum’s functions, improvements and rejuvenation.



Mail: estudio@evmuseografia.com
Mov. Direct / cell Overseas: 0052 331 893 9356
Skype Ricardo Cano: espaciovisual

Member of the Spanish Association of Museology (AEM)
Member of the Professional Association of Museologists of Spain (AMPE)

If you need extra info, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by filling out this formulario:For more information about EVE, or for any other information request, please fill in the questionnaire below. A member of our team will contact you at the earliest convenience:


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