My name is Ricardo Cano, I am a professional of museology and museography, director of EVE Museography, as well as professor in Liceus Humanities and Arts Center. I started this blog in the summer of 2013 as a channel of communication, to share with you my love for museums from all the thoughts that are ocurring within my mind, turning articles into thoughts aimed at professionals and also to those who are not, including very personal thoughts in occasions when it comes the opportunity. I must say, with all humbleness, that I’ve always wanted to help anyone in need of it in the field of museums, from my already more than 20 years of experience in projects of museological and museographical international consulting, creating a vehicle for the dissemination of ideas and proposals with plurinational character within other professionals, being a very active and collaborative platform, working to help design and build new projects anywhere in the world. I understand that museums should be a source of knowledge for society, but also an asset that drives local economies. I am very grateful when I note that you read what I write, and much more when you provide me your reviews. Welcome to EVE Museum+Culture.

Working as a consultant and advisor to new museums and also in the renewal of existing projects. I am at the head of a consulting firm of museology and museography, with no fees at first stage for museums in operation and new museological and museographical projects. I also provide on-campus classes on five programs of Museology and Museography, wherever is required.

My personal email is: and my phone: +523318939356. Most of my time I’m working in the Americas, said by the time zones.

Skype: espaciovisual

If you want to ask something, you have any question or you want to get a EVE’s printed brochure, please fill de following e-form. Thank you to follow us:

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