Collectively called the Smithsonian Institution, the world-renowned museum and research complex consists of 15 separate museums and the National Zoo in Washington, DC. From the origins of man at the Natural History Museum to the future of space travel at the Air and Space Museum, the museums of the Smithsonian cover an array of fascinating areas of study.

The Smithsonian Institution is sometimes referred to as America’s treasure chest because of the diverse artifacts it houses. Whether you’re interested in American history or Asian art, giant pandas or stamp collecting, there’s a Smithsonian museum for you. By attendance, the most popular Smithsonian museums are the Air and Space MuseumNatural History MuseumAmerican History Museum and the National Zoo. First-time visitors tend to seek these out, but we recommend reading a bit about each museum and visiting those which interest you. With 15, it’s virtually impossible see them all in one visit, but planning to see three or four during a weeklong vacation would be a realistic goal.

On the last week of coming June, we are going to visit the Smithsonian Institution, you may join us to see the interior and walk through the galleries of the institution, arguably the most important one in our museology world. Beside the Smithsonian we will visit some other museums and places in Washington DC, and we will be the hand-guided by a professional museologist who will explain us anything you may want to know about museums.

Our group will visit the Capitol and the White House, and we will do a round trip to Chesepeake Bay in Maryland to visit the Maritime Museum of St. Michaels and taste their spectacular seafood. The trip schedule is as following (subject to changes depending of the number of the travelers as we have limited seats):

TRAVEL SCHEDULE | From June 27th to July 4th (Independence Day):

1st Day: Arrival at Washington DC. Ride to hotel from Washington DC Airport airport.

2nd Day: Visit to the Smithsonian Institution after a short briefing in the hotel. Rest of the day free and easy. Dinner with all the group.

3th Day: Visit to Capitol and White House. Rest of the day free and easy.

4th Day: Visit to the Natural History Museum and the National Air and Space Museum. Rest of the day free and easy.

5th Day: Round trip to St. Michaels (Maryland) and the Saint Michaels Maritime Museum. Visit to Saint Michaels Maritime Museum. Seafood dinner.

6th Day: Day free to walk around visiting more museums or join EVE’s museologist to do a walk from Lincoln Memorial to Arlington Cemetery.

7th Day: Departure from Washington DC. You are free to stay in the capital of the US to enjoy Independence Day.

We will inform you the price of the trip by the end of this week, it will depend on the final number of travelers.

You can do a pre-registration without payment by filling the e-form below.


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