Rereeti - Revitalizing Museums

This September, Rereeti trains the spotlight on accessibility in the cultural sector. We begin with a post by Bhavani Esapathi, who writes about the growing interest in the United Kingdom’s arts institutions to engage with and promote the works of artists with disabilities.

The arts has a long history of challenging status quo, stereotypes and cultural norms, which is what makes conversations and creative work in the cultural sector so interesting. Yet, when we speak of accessibility in modern galleries and museums, we regress into conversations of tangible spaces and how they can be made accessible for commonly known disabilities.

As we evolve into a world where inclusion isn’t just about the marginalized but about encouraging the participation of various stakeholders with each other, it requires us to purpose accessibility in similar terms. In its broadest sense, inclusion goes beyond conventional notions of addressing disability and takes into account access for users of…

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