Rereeti - Revitalizing Museums

Museums and Public Value, edited by Carol A Scott (Ashgate, 2013), posits that “adopting a public value approach to managing museums and their programming leads to long term public engagement and support”.

British-MuseumImage: British Museum, photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Public value has become part of museum language as for other public services, and Museums and Public Value helps us understand why and what it means for all of us. ‘Public value refers to planned outcomes, which add benefit to the public sphere’ (p2); ‘Public value is dynamic; it makes the institution an active agent in the creation or destruction of what the public values (Holden, quoted p. xv.). So, it’s all about impact and purpose.

It’s also about sustainability: The subtitle of this book is ‘creating sustainable futures,’ and it’s certainly a big concern for all of us. Especially in the UK, there’s a lot of debate around the subject and…

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