Rereeti - Revitalizing Museums

If museums are to become spaces of inspiration and delight, they need to work towards creating public value and lasting sustainability, writes Joanne Orr.

Johnshaven Heritage Trust Lifeboat House Community HubImage: Johnshaven Heritage Trust Lifeboat House Community Hub. Picture courtesy Joanne Orr.

Museums and Pubic Value – Creating Sustainable Futures, which has previously been referenced on Rereeti Homepage blog by John Reeve, is a publication that I contributed to as Chief Executive of Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS). MGS is the National Development Body representing over 460 museums and galleries throughout Scotland and now the only specialist museums development body in the UK and one of the few in Europe.

Following extensive consultation with the Scottish sector and stakeholders, it became clear that creating public value was crucial to the ongoing sustainability of museums in Scotland, so much so that it would be enshrined in our National Strategy, Going Further which we published in 2012. The strategy…

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